Food & Drinks

  • Best Happy Hour

    Sandbar Sports Grill

    Nothing is more exciting than seeing the clock strike 5 p.m. when you're at work. You and your fellow employees dash to the front door of the office, elbow anyone who gets in your way, and head out in search of libation. We suggest Sandbar Sports Grill. Not only do the weekday happy hours offer half-priced drinks and appetizers from… More >>
  • Best Bar, Central

    Wood Tavern

    Though the Wynwood Arts District has evolved greatly in the past few years, its main strip has always been devoid of one key feature of any worthwhile neighborhood: a decent, no-nonsense, old-fashioned bar. Not to disrespect the venues serving drinks in the artsy area, but sometimes you just want to walk into a place with a 20-dollar bill in your… More >>
  • Best Bar, North

    Justin's Bar & Lounge

    When you're looking for the velvet-rope experience without the South Beach parking hassle, Justin's Bar & Lounge has you covered. Promoted on Power 96 and El Zol 95, the club celebrates house, salsa, merengue, bachata, Top 40, hip-hop, and sports. The place offers ice-cold mojitos, a burning-hot dance floor, and VIP tables for very special bottle service (with $150 Grey… More >>
  • Best Bar, South

    Hole in the Wall Pub

    From the moment you buy your first brew, you half expect the other beer guzzlers to start chanting, "Chug, chug, chug, chug!" Owned by former Miami Hurricanes quarterback Craig Erickson, Hole in the Wall is a no-frills joint reminiscent of a college fraternity house's rec room. The décor consists of wood stools, benches, flat-screen TV sets, and a Galaga arcade… More >>
  • Best Bar, West

    The Billiard Club

    It was after midnight on a recent Saturday when we found ourselves playing some eight ball and knocking back shots of Jägermeister as White Snake's "Here I Go Again" bumped through the loudspeakers. Cigarette smoke wafted through the Billiard Club, a strip-mall bar and sports lounge that has been happily serving the hard-working, hard-drinking middle-class residents of Miami Lakes, west… More >>
  • Best Bar, Miami Beach

    Love/Hate Lounge - CLOSED

    When Miami Ink's celebrity tattoo artists Ami James and Chris Nuñez opened a lounge, we figured we would either love it or hate it. Which is kind of the idea at Love/Hate. There's certainly no indifference toward the tattoo-inspired art lurking in every shadow, the leatherette banquettes, the stripper pole in the corner of the room, or the homage to… More >>
  • Best Bar, Homestead

    Stick & Stein Sports Rock Cafe - CLOSED

    We have two words for you: alcohol and alligators. Sounds like a recipe for a good time, doesn't it? This corner joint in historic downtown Homestead is the most happening spot in the city, and with good reason. First, there's cheap alcohol. We don't remember much from the few (um, maybe several) times we've been to Stick & Stein Sports… More >>
  • Best Bartender

    Gabriel Orta

    Like a cocktail, there's a recipe for making the perfect bartender: Mix one part mad scientist, one part psychiatrist, and one part artist and serve with a side of humor. Gabriel Orta fits the recipe exactly. One-half of the team that started the recently closed pop-up, Broken Shaker (the other half is Elad Zvi), Orta doesn't just make cocktails. He… More >>
  • Best Mall Bar

    The Grill on the Alley

    Buying pants is such a mission, you guys. Dios mío, ayúdame. It's like we find one pair and they're a really chic color that we just totally saw in Vogue, but then they make our butt look big, and not even in a good, Jennifer Lopez kind of way. Then we find a pair that makes our legs look like… More >>
  • Best Bar Renovation

    The Abbey Brewing Co.

    Living in Miami sometimes feels like fighting a failing battle against collective amnesia. Every couple of months, nightclubs shut down and reopen under new names. Politicians come and go with the tide, leaving the city a bit dirtier each time. Hell, even our baseball team has a new name, stadium, and uniform. But if there's one place that we go… More >>
  • Best Cocktails

    The Corner

    In the not-yet-gentrified neighborhood that the Corner calls home, you might mistake the dark bar for a place to get some five-buck hooch or a PBR and call it a night. But this little place deceives the eye and casts a spell. "Step inside, my pretty, and taste my delicious cocktails," this siren of a bar calls to you, and… More >>
  • Best Pop-Up Bar

    Broken Shaker

    This past year gave birth to the "pop-up" in Miami, the temporary-restaurant phenomenon that began in larger culinary communities such as New York, Los Angeles, and London. (Even Thomas Keller got into the spirit with his ten-day pop-up version of French Laundry inside Harrods department store). First came Phuc Yea!, next the Broken Shaker, and then Eating House. Plus there… More >>
  • Best Bar Food

    The Local Craft Food & Drink

    The Local is not only a great little neighborhood bar (it has 24 beers on tap) but also a damn good place to grab a bite. This is not the standard parade of chicken wings and sliders. The menu instead offers a well-thought-out mix of globally influenced dishes dressed in gastropub garb. Seasonal specials are updated daily, and chef de… More >>
  • Best Waterfront Bar

    Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill

    The Standard Hotel's Sunset Cocktails happy hour runs Monday through Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill. It's a dockside respite from what would otherwise be considered a yoga- and health-centric hotel. There is a wide-scope view of the water where you can enjoy happy hour as the sky gently shifts from day to… More >>
  • Best Poolside Bar

    Finnegan's River - CLOSED

    Easily the largest outpost of the local mini-empire, Finnegan's River doesn't resemble sister locations Finnegan's Too and Finnegan's Way or any other sports bar we've visited. The draw here isn't the game but the massive patio, which boasts 400 feet of Miami River frontage and one of the most dynamic views of downtown you can get without condo access. Yet… More >>
  • Best Sports Bar

    Round Table Sports Bar & Lounge

    Plopped on a working-class section of NW Seventh Avenue, this place looks like some kind of cheap theme-park castle. And from the street, it might even seem to be closed, because the main gate is permanently barricaded and the back door is always locked. But just ring the bell, and the barmaid will grant you entry to the kingdom. It's… More >>
  • Best Coffeehouse

    Eternity Coffee Roasters

    Great moments in coffee history:1669: Louis XIV sends a single coffee seedling to Martinique, which begins the spread of the beverage through Central and South America.1670: Dutch introduce coffee to America. 1688: First coffeehouse opened in London by Edward Lloyd, who would later build the insurance giant Lloyd's of London.1878: Sanborn & Chase introduce coffee in tin cans.1901: First instant… More >>
  • Best Bakery

    La Suiza Bakery

    "Una croquetica, por favor. And while you're at it, mami, get me four of those cream-cheese-stuffed pastelitos de queso, some meaty chicharrones, five of those killer beef empanadas, a freshly squeezed orange juice, and three café con leches. No, it's all right, I'll wait. I know you're busy. I'll just stand here next to abuelo and contemplate why your bakery… More >>
  • Best Seafood Restaurant

    Las Delicias Peruanas

    The finest seafood in Miami does not arrive on a porcelain plate in some glimmering South Beach dining room. It's served fresh and spicy under Las Delicias Peruanas' flickering fluorescent lights. This place might look a bit like a Third-World dive bar, nearly hidden in a Soviet-style gray building in Wynwood. But the food is first-class. Of course, as in… More >>
  • Best New Bar

    Foxhole Bar

    The folks at Foxhole call it an "upscale locals' joint." Strange to see the words upscale and joint together in a sentence, but that is exactly what Foxhole is, a slightly classed-up version of the coolest lowbrow bar that happens to be located in South Beach. This bi-level fun house has it all — throwback '80s videogames, including Galaga and… More >>
  • Best Marlins Park Food

    Lime 'n' Lobster Roll

    The chunks of fresh, succulent Maine lobster are as meaty as Giancarlo Stanton's biceps. Scallions are sprinkled on top gingerly, the way Emilio Bonifacio takes his lead at first base. A squeeze of lime sparks things in the manner of José Reyes. Add a Carlos Zambrano-like punch — um, pinch —of seasoning, and nestle it all in a split-toasted bun… More >>
  • Best Restaurant Mystery

    The Federal Food Drink & Provisions

    The last time this much mystery surrounded a plate of French fries, Nancy Drew was trying to solve the Case of the Freshman Fifteen. This year, for about the price of a paperback ($10), local sleuths can try their hand at figuring out how the fries at the Federal are so darn good. Lean on the server, and he might… More >>
  • Best Restaurant for Freebies

    Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar - CLOSED

    Sal Corelli prides himself on being the best small-time scam artist around. He crashes weddings, bails after eating at hotel breakfast buffets, and so forth. But Sal recently pulled off what he refers to as his "biggest heist yet." It occurred at Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar, located at the southernmost tip of South Beach. Lolita is a Mexican restaurant… More >>
  • Best Farmers' Market

    Redland Farmers' Market

    Have you ever had pico de gallo? No, not the tomato, cilantro, and garlic concoction typical in most Mexican kitchens. We mean the fruit version — mango, jícama, cucumber, pineapple, watermelon, and any other fruit seasoned with loads of chili powder and fresh lime juice. Are your salivary glands getting worked up? They should be. This is the type of… More >>
  • Best Taco

    Salsa Fiesta

    Salsa Fiesta likes to bill itself as healthful and eco-friendly, but honestly, when tacos are on your mind, concerns about the next doctor's visit or the plight of our natural resources aren't really important. It's time to chow down. Luckily, the tacos at Salsa Fiesta deliver. The Venezuelan import offers four types of shells that range from whole wheat to… More >>
  • Best Burrito


    For a tasty burrito that's the size of an NFL football and is made with only the freshest ingredients, this Doral hot spot can't be beat. These Mexi-behemoths are all priced at under $8, and the choices are seemingly endless. You got your three kinds of beef — shredded, ground, and grilled. Then you got your pork and chicken. Now… More >>
  • Best Sundae

    Burr's Berry Farm

    The other stuff this produce stand sells is also awesome. Its milkshakes look pretty otherworldly. But we don't trek to the Redland that often. And when we do, our brain fixates on only one thing: the ridiculous glory of the strawberry sundaes of Burr's Berry Farm. Priced at $5.35, they are roughly the size of your head, but to share… More >>
  • Best Gelato

    Amore Gelato

    Anybody can scoop good gelato from a tub, but it takes a master to produce the stuff. Ritchie Espejo has more than 20 years of experience making fine ice cream, and for a good deal of that time he has been supplying Perricone's Marketplace & Café. At Amore Gelato, his storefront operation next door to the legendary restaurant, he tests… More >>
  • Best Cupcakes

    LA Sweets

    If you want a way to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further. LA Sweets' owners, Letty Alvarez and Eddie Dominguez, have just the thing to send you over the edge. This isn't your average cupcake shop. The pair bakes every type of cupcake imaginable. There are 114 flavors, so you'll find what you're craving — at a price of… More >>
  • Best Sandwich Shop

    Cafe Bonjour

    First you start with that bread, all fresh and soft. Doesn't matter if it's Italian or ciabatta. Then you get that deli meat — big, generous piles. Yeah, that's the stuff. Now, just a bit of cheese. Uh-huh. OK, now it's time for the vegetables. Everything you could imagine. Pile 'em on. You know, I like those ruby-red tomatoes. Fantastic.… More >>
  • Best Flan

    Casa Larios

    At the table next to yours, the men are talking about the perfect salsa dance partner. Your friend knows Cuban slang, so he translates: "She's cool without being cold; firm with just a little bit of —" and he searches for the word before coming up with "jiggle." The men dance alone to their cars without getting dessert; if they… More >>
  • Best Desserts


    Michelle Bernstein's original baby in MiMo has established the chef as one of Florida's finest and most famous. Her "luxurious comfort food" appeals to hungry locals and Food Network fans alike with amazing savories such as sweetbreads, short ribs, and those Serrano ham and blue cheese croquetas with fig marmalade that have become almost as well-known as Bernstein. Although pastry… More >>
  • Best Key Lime Pie

    The Bar

    A drinking establishment is the last place you would expect to find delicious key lime pie, but the Bar in Coral Gables has just that. For $6.50 (tax included) per slice, or $25 for a whole pie, the chef in back will whip up one with fresh ingredients. The result is a tangy, sweet, delicious, and fluffy confection that pairs… More >>
  • Best Ice-Cream Parlor

    The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

    It's a small shop just off Lincoln Road. In fact, it's very easy to miss the Frieze. But that would be a real shame, because it makes the best ice cream in town. Everything is homemade using 16 percent buttercream. The Frieze produces it all without any artificial colors or preservatives, so there's no misleading sugar mischief; the sorbets are… More >>
  • Best Restaurant to Bite the Dust

    House of India - CLOSED

    It may be cruel to say, but we didn't lose as many nostalgic favorites during the past year as usual. Chef Allen's Seafood Grill and Joe Allen called it quits before the last "Best of Miami" issue came out, so they don't count. Naoe's closure would normally have left us inconsolable, but Kevin Cory is reopening his omakase oasis on… More >>
  • Best Restaurant Comeback

    LouLou Le Petit Bistro

    Things were looking up for Jacques Ardisson and his daughter Carla Lou. They had decided to close their longtime downtown restaurant Indochine and replace it with LouLou, a French bistro. But the head chef of the new venture left shortly after the conversion, and things went downhill from there. Rather than sit around wringing their hands, they brought in Victor… More >>
  • Best Restaurant Yet to Come

    The Bazaar by Jose Andres

    The SLS Miami Beach has been slow to rise from the ashes of endless construction, which leaves us sad. The hotel's restaurant is the Bazaar by José Andrés. Who's Andrés? He made Time's 2012 list of the 100 most influential people in the world (for running his culinary empire combined with altruistic efforts; he feeds the homeless as well as… More >>
  • Best Diner

    Wagons West Restaurant

    The two wooden signs behind glass beckon you with "ice cold beer" and "home cooking." It's a pair of messages that brings a warm smile to any weary traveler searching for a hearty meal and a cold one on South Dixie Highway. From the oak booths and tables to the sassy waitstaff, Wagons West has all the charm of a… More >>
  • Best Margarita

    Mercadito - CLOSED

    Sung to the tune of "Margaritaville": A shrimp enchilada Some carne asada The food at this Mex place is really divine But along with my meal, uh I need some tequila A margarita would really taste fine. Chorus: Wastin' away again in Mercaditoville Sippin' margarita tradicional Some people claim the michelada's good too But I know, side-by-side it would pale. Êl Jimador Blanco Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice Plus agave nectar make up the… More >>
  • Best Bloody Mary

    Barceloneta Spanish Bistro & Mercat

    The bloody mary at Barceloneta ($12) is as unique as many of the small plates of Catalan cuisine served at this Spanish bistro. What makes it so is the blending of this cocktail's traditional ingredients — vodka, tomato juice, and sundry seasonings — with gazpacho, the famed chilled tomato-cucumber soup from Andalusia. The coupling of these refreshing liquids is as… More >>
  • Best Martini

    Blues Bar

    Art deco gem the National Hotel was built in 1939 and, coincidentally, the clock above the bar is stopped at 7:39. For all you conspiracy theorists, 7:39 p.m. is 19:39 in 24-hour time. Legend says the clock stopped there so everyone could go back in time to the golden age of romance and glamour. We say the clock stopped there… More >>
  • Best Mojito

    Tap Tap

    Yeah, yeah, we know. The mojito is Cuban. And in a city rich in Cuban influences, we chose Tap Tap, a Haitian restaurant, as having the best mojitos. Just calm down for a second and take a long sip of your drink, will ya? Ahhh, now we're talking. The perfect mixture of sweet and tart, the Tap Tap mojito ($8)… More >>
  • Best Sangria

    Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant & Wine Bar

    Deep in the vast suburban jungle of Kendall lies chef Adrianne Calvo's bistro, named for the vineyard she fantasizes about one day owning. Miami is nowhere near Napa, and the closest winemaker doesn't even use grapes, so you would think the sangria at Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant & Wine Bar would be like most sangria in South Florida — a… More >>
  • Best Wine Selection

    Cibo Wine Bar

    There's been a lot of fuss over Cibo Wine Bar's unusual method of stowing and salvaging bottles of wine. The temperature-controlled glass "cellar" is stocked with an international laundry list of labels. It's really more of a storage wall, otherwise known as an Enomatic wine dispenser, which allows for dual-temperature control to "modulate temp zones." This means that when Cibo… More >>
  • Best Cafe con Leche

    Cafe Que Rico

    It's 2 o'clock on a listless, sleepy afternoon. Your brain is shutting down as if it were closing time. But you need to get things done. And, as it happens, you're in the getting-things-done business, so you need a kick. Not just any one, but a good old-fashioned Miami-style café con leche kick. The kind that sends you soaring like… More >>
  • Best Hidden Gem

    Little Lotus - CLOSED

    Hidden off the street and out of sight, unless you happen to be strolling through the downtown Miami International Jewelry Center mall, Little Lotus sits amid stalls selling flowers, watches, and so forth. Still lost? The place is in the part of the mall directly across the street from Macy's. The gem: a surprisingly large menu of sushi and small… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant

    The Federal Food Drink & Provisions

    Professor Irving Miller of the American Institute of Enterprising Ideas recently released his groundbreaking thesis titled "5 Key Elements of the Successful Neighborhood Restaurant." When we caught up with the feisty 73-year-old professor at his favorite eatery, the Federal, we asked why he likes this place so much. His response: "It has all five elements necessary, starting with hospitality. Two… More >>
  • Best Restaurant, Design District/Midtown

    Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

    It is said that you should strike while the iron is hot, and no Miami chef has sizzled with success like Michael Schwartz. Miami's farm-to-table pioneer and James Beard Award winner has expanded his brand in recent years by way of a cookbook, a pizzeria (Harry's), an MGF&D in the Cayman Islands, and a project in progress with the Raleigh… More >>
  • Best Restaurant, South Beach

    Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

    A year ago in this issue, we praised Jeff McInnis for helming Gigi, arguably 2011's hottest Miami restaurant. So when McInnis left that midtown establishment to open Yardbird in South Beach with the 50 Eggs Restaurant group, expectations ran high. Judging from crowds overflowing onto the street since opening night, it would seem those hopes have been realized. The cool… More >>
  • Best Restaurant, Downtown Miami

    La Loggia Ristorante & Lounge

    Downtown Miami has enjoyed a dining renaissance in recent years. Heavy hitters such as Zuma, Area 31, and DB Bistro Moderne brought star power to the neighborhood while smaller, more casual restaurants such as Tre Italian Bistro, Ceviche 105, and Sparky's Roadside Barbecue fortified the foundation. Owners Horacio Oliveira and Jennifer Porciello have witnessed it all from La Loggia's power… More >>
  • Best Restaurant, Coral Gables

    Ortanique on the Mile

    We have grown comfortable with Ortanique since it opened "on the Mile" in July 1999. So much so that we tend to take it for granted. It's like a favorite pair of jeans forgotten in the drawer after you buy a succession of new shirts and jackets. Chef/owner Cindy Hutson's Caribbean-influenced "Cuisine of the Sun" never grows old. Cracked conch… More >>
  • Best Restaurant, Coconut Grove

    Peacock Garden Cafe

    Like the plume of its eponymous bird, Peacock Garden Café boasts a patio of an almost shockingly bright, colorful fashion. This verdant tropical garden is located on the grounds settled by the Peacock family around 1870 in what became the Village of Coconut Grove. The lush green setting and historic locale make Peacock Garden Café something of a quintessential Grove… More >>
  • Best Restaurant, Little Havana

    Catharsis Restaurant and Lounge

    The four restaurateurs who own this gem really know what they're doing. Step inside and you feel as if you've been transported to a happening eatery in SoHo or Milan. The air seems to caress your skin, and the low-key background music soothes your tired gray matter. Then you are greeted by one of the charismatic owners or the stunning… More >>
  • Best Restaurant, South Miami-Dade

    Del Sur Gourmet Market

    This quaint neighborhood spot offers what it calls "honest food." Everything is made in house with a focus on using local ingredients and keeping the food as natural and simple as possible. In its quest to create unassuming and unpretentious dishes, Del Sur offers some of the most flavorful, enjoyable, and gourmet food in South Miami-Dade. There is a full… More >>
  • Best Restaurant, North Miami-Dade

    Flip Burger Bar - CLOSED

    This tiny, unassuming neighborhood eatery just off Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami has no right to be as good as it is. The menu promises the "best burgers in North Miami," and they are magnificent. Try the fireman burger, topped with chipotle sauce, jalapeños, and pepper jack cheese, or the Cuban burger, made with a combination of ground beef, ground… More >>
  • Best Breakfast

    Van Dyke Cafe - CLOSED

    The sun is rising in the east And you are drunk upon the beach. Your belly aches from too much rum and wild, crazy, all-night fun. Where have you been, what did you do? And wait, is that a real tattoo? You need to stop and eat and think to lounge, relax, and have a drink. On Lincoln Road you will find the tower that the ivy climbs. The eggs… More >>
  • Best Expensive Italian Restaurant

    Il Gabbiano

    If a person from a Third-World country saw a platter of fried zucchini, a platter of bruschetta topped with ripe red tomatoes, and a rock-size chunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano, he or she would likely exclaim, "My good Lord, a banquet!" Guests dining at Il Gabbiano are more likely to say, "Gee, that was a nice complimentary snack; let's order dinner now."… More >>
  • Best Inexpensive Italian Restaurant


    The smell of garlic, tomatoes, and smoldering cheese accosts the senses inside Spartico at the Mayfair Hotel, located in Coconut Grove. Chef/restaurateur Jonathan Eismann consulted on the original launch, and chef Philippe Boutinet manages the kitchen, where "Roman pizza" is made in an "Ambrogi wood-burning oven from Milan" (do they not manufacture ovens in Rome?). In addition to turning out… More >>
  • Best Spanish Restaurant


    There's nothing quite like a strapping young Spanish man with a chiseled body cooking delectable Spanish cuisine, moving about the kitchen like he designed it himself, wearing an apron — and nothing else. Ah, what we'd give to spend a week in Barcelona doing field research on this sort of thing. You know, for journalism. Well, you will find something… More >>
  • Best Brazilian Restaurant

    Area Code 55 Brazilian Steakhouse

    If you are unfamiliar with the Brazilian restaurant style known as rodizio, you haven't lived the greatest joy of a carnivore. And if you haven't visited Area Code 55, you should hurry over there. Pay $19.99 for lunch or $29.99 for dinner and you will be treated to an all-you can-eat meal served by men circling the room with beautiful… More >>
  • Best Haitian Restaurant

    Chef Creole

    Wilkinson "Ken" Sejour's "seasoned kitchen" has grown into a mini-empire, with five restaurants across Miami's Haitian belt, from Little Haiti to North Miami to Miami Gardens. But it's not like most chains. Each Chef Creole outpost has a distinctive character. While most include some form of outdoor seating, the 54th Street flagship offers it in the greatest abundance — all… More >>
  • Best Japanese Restaurant


    Iron Chef Makoto Trained with Morimoto Award from James Beard-oto Clean stream of tradition flows Edomae sushi fresh like ocean: Hotate, aoyagi, shime saba, Kobe, cooks tableside on hot river stone Udon ramen Black edamame Kurobuta belly, Kurosawa rib eye Branzino, wasabi, chimichurri Chimichurri? Tuna air bread, caesar foam Frosted fried rice, foie gras Main plates $14 to $24 Wagyu/Kobe steaks $20 to $90 Makoto Okuwa Far from Nagoya, Japan Bal Harbour oasis Close to our heart.… More >>
  • Best Sushi

    Japanese Market Miami

    For a low-key sushi experience at rock-bottom pricing, the sushi bar at the Japanese Market can't be beat. It's a tiny Asian place nicknamed "Sushi Deli," as indicated by the neon sign displayed inside an otherwise nondescript storefront, located in a random strip mall on the 79th Street Causeway. Chef Michio Kushi's hands work quickly to mold rice, which he… More >>
  • Best Chinese Restaurant

    Dynasty Buffet

    It's lunchtime. You want to fill yourself with gobs of food without paying too much. And you don't want the same old thing. Chinese food is a nice alternative to the usual drive-thru fare, but you always seem to get hungry an hour after eating it. So what better way to go Asian than a Chinese buffet? And Dynasty has… More >>
  • Best Chinese Take-Out, South

    Confucio Express

    Operating out of a remodeled gas station on the corner of Coral Way, Confucio Express serves "Chinese gourmet cuisine" created by a bunch of Colombians. Almost a half-century ago, owner José Choi's Chinese immigrant parents landed in Barranquilla, opened a fancy food spot called Jardines de Confucio, and taught their kid how to run a restaurant. He mastered the wok,… More >>
  • Best Chinese Take-Out, North

    Hong Kong House

    Sometimes you don't want to cook, but you crave something hearty, surprising, and flavorful. And you have only $8.25 in your pocket. God bless the no-frills Chinese take-out joint. Hong Kong House boasts a superfriendly and quick staff, and has a quiet cult following in North Miami that troops there for the roast-pork fried rice, which features plump squares of… More >>
  • Best Pancakes

    City Hall Restaurant

    When it comes to flapjacks, you can't beat City Hall. The three-stack of steaming-hot plain pancakes ($11) is lusciously infused with sugar, vanilla, and enough butter to make a crêpe jealous. Real maple syrup is served. Other varieties of hotcakes include chocolate chip ($12.50), blueberry ($13), and banana pecan ($13). A great plate of pancakes deserves an equally worthy cup… More >>
  • Best Cuban Restaurant

    S & N Vegetables

    If you don't know about this little sandwich shop/shake stand, you probably didn't grow up in West Hialeah. You don't come here for the scenery or seating. It's standing room only against a wall inside. But the food is tasty, and the prices are simply ridiculous: Sandwiches are all under $5, and most are under $3. That includes what many… More >>
  • Best Jamaican Restaurant

    Clive's Cafe - CLOSED

    At nearly 40 years old, this Wynwood institution is the longest-running eatery of its kind in the city, and the most centrally located, right next to the Electric Pickle and up the block from the Shops at Midtown. Pearline Murray and her late husband Clifford opened Clive's (named for their now-middle-aged son) in the mid-'70s, when their clientele consisted primarily… More >>
  • Best Colombian Restaurant

    Narcobollo Restaurant

    The legend starts like this: In a quiet house on a tranquil Cartagena street, a family began cooking up bollo de yuca — a coastal Caribbean delicacy of mashed yuca boiled in corn husks — and selling it to neighbors. The dish was so good that customers soon were coming and going all day with brown bags of the stuff.… More >>
  • Best Argentine Restaurant

    PM Fish & Steak House

    "Inspired by the nostalgia of the finest Argentine cuisine," goes the tag line for one of downtown Miami's newest hot spots, PM Fish & Steak House. No trumpets heralded the arrival of this modern steak-and-seafood house, but word of mouth and social networking led to enormous popularity from day one. The PM stands for Puerto Madero, the name of a… More >>
  • Best Thai Restaurant

    Sawaddee Thai-Sushi

    In Thailand, diners eat with either chopsticks or a spoon. No knife is placed on the table, and the fork is to be used only to push food onto the spoon. That's a revelation to most first-time travelers from the West, much like the fried basil duck, shrimp pad thai, green papaya salad, and red curry pork are to those… More >>
  • Best Vietnamese Restaurant

    Hy Vong

    Come one, come all, but don't come starving. The service at this Vietnamese gourmet hole in the wall on Calle Ocho is famous for its friendliness, not its speed. This ain't McDonald's. Hy Vong is owned and operated by a Vietnamese mother-daughter team and has been cooking to order since it opened in 1980. But regulars and first-timers unanimously agree… More >>
  • Best Indian Restaurant


    Once you're tucked into this comfy little den in South Beach, you'll forget about the riffraff and party buzz outside on the dingy sidewalks of Washington Avenue. The lights are low, the candles are lit, and it's time to order some nan. If you've worked up an appetite paddling on the surf a few blocks away, Guru's cool mango lassi… More >>
  • Best French Restaurant

    Le Provencal Restaurant

    If you want great cuisine, look for great chefs. If you want great French cuisine, look for great French chefs. Le Provençal's chef Christian Antoniotti began his career at Hotel Restaurant Le Provençal in Cassis and then moved to four-star hotels in France and Switzerland as well as celebrated dining establishments in England. He moved to Miami in 1984 and… More >>
  • Best Greek Restaurant

    Egg & Dart - CLOSED

    Egg & Dart is dressed in shades of white — ceiling, columns, organic clay walls, and lacquered tabletops. A Brazilian cherry-wood bar and an Indonesian teak communal table add warmth. There's no obligatory wall mural of the Greek Isles here. Nor are there ouzo-fueled lunatics smashing plates on the floor or tossing napkins in the air. Egg & Dart is… More >>
  • Best Gyro

    Greco Boys Grill

    Myriad problems face Greece, but the quality of the gyro is not among them. And Miami is a first-class example. Greco Boys Grill serves moist, meaty wedges of highly seasoned pork, sliced from the ever-rotating cylinder up front and then plunked onto a soft, warm, puffy pita bread with ripe tomatoes, crisp onion rings, and freshly made tzatziki sauce. There… More >>
  • Best Bagels

    Bagel Express

    Our theory is this: The best bagels are made the old-fashioned way, meaning yeast-risen, boiled, and baked on wooden planks in an oven with rotating shelves. That's not how it's done at the new-fangled bagel chains, which skip the boiling altogether in favor of a light mist while baking. That process leads to soft, light crusts instead of crisp, bronzed… More >>
  • Best Mexican Restaurant

    Alma Mexicana

    When Mexican food gets fussy, we frown and ponder with dismay that it is considered "nouveau" cuisine. We like our Mexican cheap, easy, and cheesy, without any fusion or confusion. This is exactly what Alma Mexicana serves — casual, homestyle fare that's fast and tastes damn good. Occupying a former tattoo parlor, Alma appeals more to a clientele interested in… More >>
  • Best Nicaraguan Restaurant

    Fritanga Montelimar

    Miami boasts a solid percentage of Nicaraguans. That means in addition to the great Cuban and Argentine joints around town, there are places such as Fritanga Montelimar. At this Kendall cafeteria, you can eat yourself silly without the bother of pretentious restaurant frills. You stand in line and wait your turn to let the ladies behind the counter ask, "¿Que… More >>
  • Best Hotel Restaurant

    Tudor House Restaurant - CLOSED

    Miami has no shortage of excellent hotel restaurants, from Zuma to Hakkasan to DB Bistro Moderne. But Tudor House is different from the rest. For one, it is located in what used to be the lobby of the Tudor Hotel (now Dream South Beach Hotel) — a charming little deco dining room, but not exactly the Fontainebleau. It is cozier… More >>
  • Best Restaurant Value

    Blue Collar

    Want to protest unreasonable restaurant prices (you know, $14 apps, $34 entrées, $9 desserts)? Occupy Blue Collar. That is, sit your tired, working-class behind in one of the 25 indoor seats (or take a seat outdoors if you like). Express your unwavering support of value-driven, friendly neighborhood restaurants by indulging in a plate of eggs and beans with smoky bacon… More >>
  • Best Inexpensive Restaurant


    Times have been tough in Miami. Gas prices keep going up, the cost of living is through the roof, and our wages haven't gotten any higher. But we still have to eat — and if we can, eat well. That's why Plate is here. It's the perfect spot to grab a breakfast wrap or hearty lunch for a very decent… More >>
  • Best Intimate Restaurant

    The Dining Room - CLOSED

    — I'm so glad we could get together at this cozy little 24-seater for our tête-à-tête. — You can thank my shrink; he told me to quit having intimate dinners for two unless there was another person around. — It's such a charming room, dimly lit with a chandelier and flickering candles, decorated family photos on the walls. It makes me think… More >>
  • Best Service

    Villa Azur

    Villa Azur, like the Côte d'Azur it's named for, is beautiful, chic, and stylish. It also has impeccable service. From the moment you stroll through the 12-foot-tall drapes and are greeted by a beautiful hostess, you're treated like the celebrity your mother always hoped you'd become (instead of a part-time barista). Before dining, have a cocktail at the softly lit… More >>
  • Best Restaurateur

    John Kunkel

    Taste Bakery & Café, which opened on South Beach in 2001, was John Kunkel's first Miami Beach restaurant. Three years later, he sold Taste, which is still going strong, and started Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. Lime proved very popular, which led to the opening of 15 other locations in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Eight years after founding… More >>
  • Best New Restaurant

    The Dutch

    The Dutch is an American-roots-inspired restaurant (and oyster bar) that takes homestyle foods such as roast chicken and braised short ribs and then shapes them for big-city palates. It is a partnership among New York restaurateurs Andrew Carmellini, Josh Pickard, and Luke Ostrom (who operate a Dutch in New York's SoHo neighborhood) and Karim Masri and Nicola Siervo of Miami's… More >>
  • Best Steak House

    Edge Steak & Bar

    It used to be that a steak house was a steak house was a steak house. Now it's a place that uses organics, sears Kobe meat at 1,500 degrees, and offers innovative sides. Edge Steak & Bar does much of this. The dining room is sleek and stylish, with an outdoor terrace and private event rooms. Vegetables are sourced locally,… More >>
  • Best Croissant

    Atelier Monnier

    Take it from a dessert connoisseur. Atelier Monnier's chocolate almond croissant ($3) will make an addict of you. In a town full of ersatz pastries, AM is the real deal: buttery, flaky confections dripping with sinfully sweet ingredients. Compared with pan cubano, Monnier is practically manna of the gods. The only question: How to get your fix? Six days without… More >>
  • Best Waterfront Dining

    Rusty Pelican

    After taking your seat at the Rusty Pelican, your mate will comment, "Wow, what a beautiful view." Your response? "The most beautiful view is the one I share with you." From this Virginia Key jewel, the Miami skyline beckons with a twinkle across Biscayne Bay. Let's face it: We all love a dazzling vista; even more so when water is… More >>
  • Best Outdoor Dining

    J & G Grill

    While sitting on the veranda of J & G Grill, it is easy to get lost in a peaceful state of reverie as the sun sprinkles jeweled reflections upon the mesmerizing ocean. Umbrellas shade the rays, a balmy breeze blows in from the Atlantic, and an attentive waiter refills water glasses and delivers fresh rounds of cocktails as quietly as… More >>
  • Best Gastropub

    Haven Lounge

    A gastropub is simply a bar serving food and drinks that surpass the sappy snacks usually proffered at such an establishment. Haven does just that. Technically, it is a self-billed "gastro-lounge," which means instead of a stuffy pub atmosphere, the room includes a thousand or so hue-changing ice-cube lights, a Siberian white-onyx bar that likewise changes color, and wraparound walls… More >>
  • Best Prix Fixe

    Crazy About You

    "Reporter Nick Smooth here at the Sheen Center for Disturbed People, interviewing Ned Kolopsi as to why he was so enthralled with Crazy About You before landing at this facility. As most viewers know, the restaurant is a spinoff of Dolores, but You Can Call Me Lolita (with additional venues in Spain). Crazy name for a restaurant, huh? Anyway, tell… More >>
  • Best Fusion


    — Tell me, Master Norman Van Fusion, what is the secret to gathering cuisines from different cultures and melding them as one? — Well, little grasshopper, one of the secrets is to employ indigenous foods. That's why Tuyo uses growers, producers, and food artisans of Florida and the American Southeast. — You mean Key West yellowtail, grilled pompano with Cedar Key clams,… More >>
  • Best Falafel

    Daily Bread Pinecrest

    From hookah to baklava, Daily Bread Pinecrest is pretty much your one-stop shop for anything Eastern Mediterranean or Middle Eastern. But it is your only stop for falafel. For $6.25, you get a crisply fried chickpea patty, pickled carrots, cabbage mixed with spices, raw onions mixed with sumac and other spices, and tahini sauce, all wrapped in eight inches of… More >>
  • Best Hummus

    Pita Hut Israeli Restaurant & Grill

    — I'm telling you, it's the best hummus in the world. You could travel to Israel and wouldn't find better. — Pardon me, Saul, I think I have something stuck in my ear. I thought I heard you say the hummus at Pita Hut is better than any in Israel. — That's what I said, Al, and I have been to that… More >>
  • Best Fries

    Harry's Pizzeria

    The fries at Harry's Pizzeria are practically Robespierre-esque in the way they revolutionize the idea of being French. For those tired of the greasy excess of the potato aristocracy, the polenta fries at Harry's offer a tuber-tastic alternative. Eating them feels not like a retreat from taste, but an attack on the world's taste buds. At Michael Schwartz's new pizzeria… More >>
  • Best Croqueta

    Vicky Bakery

    Every time you bite into a croqueta from Vicky Bakery, you know it's made with the type of love that's lasted 40 years in El Exilio. In the early '70s, Antonio and Gelasia Cao arrived in Miami with their two children. While Gelasia made leather goods, her husband worked three jobs in a local bakery and a couple of cantinas… More >>
  • Best Empanada

    La Latina

    There are so many types of empanadas in this city. Argentine, Colombian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Venezuelan are just a few. They're all hot and tasty. But take cover, kids, because we're crowning the Venezuelans empanada kings for 2012. La Latina is a tiny, well-decorated hole in the wall across the train tracks from the Shops at Midtown. Walk in,… More >>
  • Best Brunch

    Vesper Brasserie

    Everyone does Sunday brunch. But you're not everyone. You're sexy, confident, and a little dangerous — just like James Bond. But even agents of Her Majesty's Secret Service need eggs and a mimosa once every now and then to keep up their strength. Which is why you should do brunch at Vesper Brasserie. On Saturday (which, of course, is designed… More >>
  • Best Jamaican Patty

    Hammond's Bakery

    In Miami Gardens, not far from the football stadium where the Dolphins plan not to lose again this year, stands Hammond's Bakery. There, owner Wayne Hammond offers warm, moist Jamaican patties just like you'd get on the island. The dough is not that crappy yellow stuff you find at gas stations. These aren't frozen. Nor are they greasy. In fact,… More >>
  • Best Caribbean Grocery

    B & M Market

    Husband-and-wife team Sheir and Nafeeza Ali have run this friendly neighborhood grocery store since 1980. But it's more than peanut butter and chips. B & M Market carries authentic Caribbean products and hot food made fresh to go. Whether you're looking for an ice-cold Jamaican Ting soda, an Irish moss peanut drink, locally baked ginger bulla bread, a can of… More >>
  • Best Burger

    Burger & Beer Joint

    There are three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and new hamburger joints opening in Miami. And just as the manner of death and amount of taxation differ from person to person, so too do the burger emporiums. Burger & Beer Joint, part of the original wave of boutique burger bars that burst upon South Beach back in 2009, is distinguished… More >>
  • Best Hot Dog

    Los Perros Aqui

    After grabbing groceries, beer, and Lotto tickets at Presidente Supermarket; bleaching a batch of undies at Coin Laundry; re-upping your cell phone at Metro PCS; shaking some booty and slurping a mojito at Kaffe Krystal; and losing half of last week's paycheck at Luxor Gaming Center, you're gonna be superhungry, bro. Just stagger over to Los Perros Aqui and scarf… More >>
  • Best Pizza

    Kings County Pizza

    Boutique pizza has been overwhelmed by fancy burgers this past year, but the owners of Kings County Pizza in Aventura couldn't care less. Their Brooklyn/Neapolitan pies don't rely on coal-fired ovens or whole-wheat dough or truffled pineapple toppings. Instead, pizza lovers flock here for the crisp crusts, sweet tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese. A slice costs $2.25, a medium… More >>
  • Best Barbecue

    Mad Man Jack's Bar-B-Que - CLOSED

    It's pretty hard to come by good barbecue in Miami. Hop on northbound I-95 and you'll have to drive for two hours or so until you find something halfway decent. But why would you do that? Mad Man Jack's Bar-B-Que is right around the corner, and the 'cue is awesome. Owner Mike Herran simply wants to give you "good food,… More >>
  • Best Fried Chicken

    Prime One Twelve

    Fried chicken is one of those classic American comfort foods. The lingering scent of hot oil on a crunchy, well-seasoned exterior with bubbles of crisp skin and flour can be a culinary challenge. Some chefs brine the meat, others soak it, and still others forego any type of conditioning. Cooking temperatures differ across state lines. In fact, the methodology of… More >>
  • Best Chicken Wings

    Shuckers Bar & Grill

    Since 1789, the chicken wing has been part of the U.S. Constitution. (Read the fine print, people. It's all the way down at the bottom before you get to the part that says Americans are obliged to dress in cheesy outfits for patriotic holiday observations.) Flashy, sequined American-flag bras aside, we know when we come across a good wing. Shuckers… More >>
  • Best Arepa

    San Pocho

    You can get everything from traditional straw hats and baskets to Sparkies candies (Colombia's answer to Skittles) and two-liter bottles of Postobón soda at San Pocho, a one-stop shop and family restaurant serving Little Havana's Colombian community. The restaurant has developed a following beyond the neighborhood, thanks to flavorful renditions of Colombian comfort-food staples such as sancocho (meat-and-vegetable soup) and… More >>
  • Best Sausage

    Salumeria 104

    The Dimwitted Nitpickers Association (DNA) recently convened for its annual meeting at Salumeria 104, the new midtown Miami shop that specializes in cured meats and other prepared foods."First thing I don't like about this place is they spell salami wrong," said Ed "Crabby" Appleton, one of the group's veterans. "Whoever heard of a u in salami?""You know what bugs me?"… More >>
  • Best Almost-Food-Truck Brunch

    Edge Steak & Bar

    You normally wouldn't think of food trucks when you think of Edge Steak & Bar at the tony Four Seasons. Think again, because that's the theme of the weekly Sunday brunch at Edge. In this imaginary food truck universe, there are no plastic forks. Your simple street fare is lovingly created by executive chef Aaron Brooks, and there are unlimited… More >>
  • Best Buffet

    Camila's Restaurante Brasileiro

    Want to gorge yourself but not with the same old Chinese buffet? Check out Camila's Restaurante Brasileiro in the heart of downtown Miami. Don't expect anything fancy, but it has the feel of a working-man's joint. What you should expect is a delicious, authentic Brazilian meal, buffet style of course, for $12.95 — with free coffee (other drinks cost extra).… More >>
  • Best Food Truck

    Mr. Good Stuff

    In Miami, there are almost 100 food trucks. Most serve the same three items — burgers, tacos, and cupcakes. Then there's Mr. Good Stuff, which offers the luna. If you're asking, "What the heck is a luna?" you're not alone. Contrary to popular belief, it is not lunch for moon men. We're talking about pork and brisket slow-cooked for hours… More >>
  • Best Sexy Food Truck

    Aphrodisiac Ice Cream

    Remember the ice-cream truck driving slowly down the street as the sun fell on the playground swing set? As a familiar little jingle played, hot girls in Daisy Dukes writhed against the rooftop stripper pole as a fudge ripple cone melted over their suntanned breasts. Well, if you don't have those exact childhood memories, the girls of Aphrodisiac Ice Cream… More >>
  • Best Mac 'n' Cheese

    Purple People Eatery

    Everybody loves macaroni 'n' cheese, and everybody loves cute, cuddly monsters. Don't believe us? Ask any kid if he or she would rather have a five-course tasting dinner at (fill in the blank with any overpriced, stuffy restaurant) or eat some warm mac 'n' cheese while watching Monsters Inc. Because children are acutely aware of what's good in this world… More >>
  • Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Angelina's Coffee & Yogurt

    Grilled cheese is probably the food we loved first and best. But as the years passed, we outgrew those sandwiches, G.I. Joe, and Barbie and moved on to more lively playmates and sophisticated fare. While we mourned the passing of our childhood, we figured that was the price to pay for being a grownup. Angelina's Coffee & Yogurt says, "Screw… More >>
  • Best Cuban Sandwich

    Sarussi Cafe

    There are five different ways to get your cubano at Sarussi Café & Restaurant, which has been serving a unique variation on the classic sandwich for five decades on Calle Ocho at 68th Avenue in West Miami. Try its "El Original" eight- or 16-inch ($5.93 or $11.87). The institution's trademark sandwich comes with the usual sliced ham, roast pork, and… More >>
  • Best Gourmet Market

    Norman Brothers Produce

    There's a whole lotta #trending going on in #Miami, like #gourmetmarkets for example. But sometimes you gotta go back to #whereitallstarted to get the real deal. Norman Brothers has been family-owned-and-operated for more than 40 years — way before #bacon, #honey, and #macaroons became cool and people knew what #umami was. Throughout the years, the faithful have stayed true to… More >>
  • Best Fresh Pasta

    Mr. Pasta

    Why is foodie synonymous with yuppie? No matter what our tax returns say, we all have taste buds, right? And weren't the original foodies those Italian grandmas who spent all day cooking delectable dishes with simple and inexpensive ingredients? But in Miami — a town with an epic shortage of farmers' markets and unpretentious specialty food stores — it's tough… More >>
  • Best Restaurant Spinoff

    Cafe 46 - CLOSED

    Café 46 is to Joe Allen what Rhoda was to Mary Tyler Moore, what The X Factor is to American Idol, what one Rolling Stones album is to the previous one: a spinoff of the same ideas and some of the same players, except with a different name and played on a new stage. The most noteworthy returning player at… More >>
  • Best Vegan Restaurant

    Choices Vegan Cafe

    Once upon a time, a Mexi-California boy named Alex Cuevas found he had a gift: He was an animal whisperer. Here's the response he got from every quivering cow, pig, and fish he faced: "Please, don't eat me. And tell the others." He took his furry and slimy friends into his arms and promised to broadcast their message to his… More >>
  • Best Deli

    Josh's Delicatessen & Appetizing

    Let's face it: Miami is no Queens. Nor is it Brooklyn. There is no such thing as a deli on every corner around here — but we sure wish there were. It would be the best of both worlds: sun year-round, white sandy beaches, and a house-cured pastrami sandwich on fresh rye with lots of mustard and a kosher dill.… More >>
  • Best Late-Night Dining

    Chow Down Grill - CLOSED

    When you're too drunk to drink (at say, 3:05) And you're tired of eating at greasy old dives, Then go to Chow Down for some wontons and chives. It's inside a strip That don't look too nice. But just walk in the door, go ahead, roll the dice. It's a chic, modern lounge that serves great Chinese rice. Have a cocktail inside (go ahead, just one more). And just when… More >>
  • Best Restaurant for Out-of-Towners


    So your Aunt Harriet and Uncle Sid are in town for the weekend and you get to show them the best of Miami. Do you really think they want to spend two hours of their rapidly depleting lifespan at some swankadelic restaurant eating foie gras tater tots? Nope! These folks are itching to see the real Miami, not über-trendy cafés… More >>
  • Best Pop-Up Restaurant

    Eating House

    Eating House just popped up one February night in the unassuming luncheonette-by-day Café Ponce. Giorgio Rapicavoli and Alex Casanova handed out menus of 12 to 15 foods (most $7 to $15, a few larger composed plates $20 to $25), three to five desserts, and a shortlist of craft beers ($6 or $7 per bottle) and boutique wines ($35 to $52… More >>
  • Best Restaurant Décor

    Rosa Mexicano

    Rosa's outdoor tables sit by lily-pad ponds on the black-and-white stone mosaic of Lincoln Road's trendiest block — right at the base of the Herzog & de Meuron-designed building, SoBe's newest landmark. The soaring 3,500-square-foot indoor space (with 108 seats inside) is a dazzling realm melding the spirits of Mexico and South Beach. Both cultures, after all, exude a fondness… More >>
  • Best Chef

    Hedy Goldsmith

    You can win this hall-of-fame type of award only once, and being a great chef won't get you a ticket; you must prove your greatness over time. Past winners are Norman Van Aken, Mark Militello, Allen Susser, Pascal Oudin, Philippe Ruiz, Michelle Bernstein, Michael Schwartz, Douglas Rodriguez, Cindy Hutson, Jonathan Eismann, Dewey LoSasso, Jan Jorgensen, and Kris Wessel. Hedy Goldsmith… More >>
  • Best Organic Chef

    Giancarla Bodoni

    Giancarla Bodoni, along with her husband Pino, opened Escopazzo in 1993 and has been in charge of the kitchen since 1997. What other Miami chef has been at the helm of his or her own restaurant for that long? Right: Bodoni is in a class of her own. She not only was a pioneer among local female chefs but also… More >>
  • Best Dim Sum

    Chef Philip Ho - CLOSED

    When it comes to this perfect meal of small plates and multitudinous tastes, Chef Philip Ho is the man. He more than proved that during his five-plus years as the dim sum chef at the Setai. Now, at this place of his own in North Miami Beach, he continues to impress with delectable dim sum. The carts roll around his… More >>
  • Best Tapas

    Las Tapas de Rosa

    The word tapas has taken on a slightly new meaning in America. It used to connote small bites culled from a lengthy playlist of traditional Spanish snacks. This was the exclusive domain of Spanish-style restaurants. Now, seemingly every restaurant trots out "tapas," which are really any comestible portioned in petite fashion. Las Tapas de Rosa adheres to the old interpretation,… More >>
  • Best Ceviche

    My Ceviche

    Ceviche is the new sushi — to the rest of the country, that is. When sushi first appeared in Miami, it was probably considered the new ceviche, thanks to our vibrant Latin American community, which long ago introduced the Magic City to this refreshing macerated seafood specialty. It certainly isn't anything new to Sam Gorenstein, who fondly remembers the cevicherias… More >>
  • Best Fresh Fish

    Sonia's Seafood Market & Restaurant

    There really is no place like Sonia's. It's a neighborhood bar with live Latin music on weekends. It's a fish market with plastic bins of crushed ice filled with fresh red snapper, yellowtail, hogfish, mangrove, calamari, lobsters, langostinos, and whatever else the day's catch might bring. It's a funky, Cuban-style outdoor seafood shack located by a canal at the point… More >>