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Best Veterinarian Miami 2012 - Coconut Grove Animal Clinic

Owning a dog or cat is a joy. That little bundle of fur just oozes unconditional love and devotion. But it's not all fun and games. Pets, unlike that carnival monkey you won by spraying water into a clown's mouth, need shots and medication. And, like humans, they get sick. So what do you do when Fido is filled with fleas or Tiger is yakking all over because she ate a bad lizard? You take your little friend to the Coconut Grove Animal Hospital. It's been around since 1965. One look at the wood paneling reveals that nothing has really changed since then — including the old-fashioned care you would have expected 40-some years ago. Dr. Michael Marmesh Jr. and his daughter Dr. Kate Marmesh attend to your darling with the gentleness of a small-town vet who stepped out of the pages of the Saturday Evening Post. The clinic is open six days a week and you don't need an appointment (except for surgery, dental work, and boarding), which means that if you forgot to renew Minky's rabies tag the day before your big vacation, you can just waltz her right in and be seen. Don't you wish your shrink had the same open-door policy?

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I could not agree more regarding the joy that comes from owning a pet. My black Labrador Shadow has given me so much joy and happiness. I just love being able to spend time with him! It is true that animals are also susceptible to getting sick, which makes the need for medical treatment essential.


We love both Drs Marmeshs, They are the greatest and Fergus a Ginger wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks to the doctors and the whole staff for taking such a good care of our two lovely pets! Sam & Jana and Fergus and Ginger too!!

Debrathebookkeeper if ALL of us Animal Lovers didn't already know who the BEST is!!!! My children - oops, I mean pets - Frank & Beans would NEVER be allowed to go anywhere else - Dr. Marmesh is our HERO and his daughter Dr. Kate Marmesh is equally trusted and loved by me and my two dachsunds.......They have an amazing friendly staff that always know exactly what to say and do when those little emergencies pop up - and if you own a dachsund - then you know how mischevious and smart they can be. Congratulations to Dr. Marmesh, Dr. Kate Marmesh and the whole Coconut Grove Animal Clinic staff for being so wonderful, and helping to keep my little loved ones healthy!!!! Debbie, Frank & Beans