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Best Tattoo Shop Miami 2012 - Salvation Tattoo

Salvation Tattoo

Salvation Tattoo

1612 Washington Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Getting new ink is comparable to experiencing a major life event. You're essentially branding yourself with something you won't mind seeing forever. You might have a few stamps already — whether you got them in a drunken stupor one night in college or after having an epiphany, words, shapes, and pictures are all fair game in the tango between ink and skin. The first thing to do after you've decided on a tattoo is to choose a good place. It's imperative that it's clean, licensed, and safe. Friendly — and most important, patient — artists and staff are always a plus. You can get all of that at the finest tat shop in town: Salvation Tattoo on Washington Avenue. With its sultry purple-neon interior, comfortable couches, and topnotch artists, you can ink your body in style. It's only a $50 deposit for your appointment (with tattoo prices varying based on the complexity of the design), so the time is right to finally get that "Mom" in a heart you've always dreamed about.

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It is really important to me that the shop be licensed and set up with all its legal ducks in a row.  When looking for a trustworthy place; what does a legal tattooing license look like?  I am not looking for shoddy work.  I would like something nice and classy.