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Best Sports Bar Miami 2012 - Round Table Sports Bar & Lounge

Round Table Sports Bar & Lounge

Round Table Sports Bar & Lounge

11205 NW 7th Ave.

Miami, FL 33168


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Plopped on a working-class section of NW Seventh Avenue, this place looks like some kind of cheap theme-park castle. And from the street, it might even seem to be closed, because the main gate is permanently barricaded and the back door is always locked. But just ring the bell, and the barmaid will grant you entry to the kingdom. It's fun and low-key, and the drinks are cheap. It's our kind of regal. So if King Arthur were still roaming the wilderness, waving around Excalibur, and getting wasted with his knightly buddies, Round Table Sports Bar & Lounge would probably be his favorite place to watch the World Cup of Jousting. He'd down a dozen $1.75 PBRs, dine on a $6 chunk of Captain Greg's smoked fish, and collect on an entire afternoon's worth of winning bets.

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