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A spa of tranquility

10 years ago by Lyssa Oberkreser
Another year has sped past and we still haven't mastered the art of relaxation or found inner peace. Anxiety from holiday shopping and having only a few weeks left to attain those resolutions can leave us wishing for a day at the spa. The timing for the Spa and Resort...

Miami Spa Month: The Ten Best Deals on Rubdowns

3 years ago by Cultist
The cubicle in your office feels like it's closing in on all sides; you're a step closer to carpal tunnel with every keystroke; and you're about ready to tell your boss to plant a big wet one on the shady side of your fugly business casual khakis.Like most people on...

Best of Awards for Swim Week 2012

4 years ago by Cultist
Annie Vazquez guest blogs on fashion for Cultist. Visit her blog at TheFashionPoet.com.Swim Week 2012 came and went (thank God), because I'm swimsuited out. After attending the five-day fashion festival, I really don't want to see another flaca model in a bikini for awhile. However, I wouldn't mind seeing more...

The 2012 Academy Awards Nominations: Our Educated Guesses

3 years ago by Cultist
In these very serious and not at all snarky Oscar nominations predictions, I wanted to begin by criticizing AMPAS for being conservative, self-serving and too politically correct, singling out members that double as nominees. I also wanted to discuss how demanding it is to watch an absurdly long and lackluster...
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