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Best Restaurant for Out-of-Towners Miami 2012 - Coopertown



22700 SW 8th St.

Miami, FL 33194


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So your Aunt Harriet and Uncle Sid are in town for the weekend and you get to show them the best of Miami. Do you really think they want to spend two hours of their rapidly depleting lifespan at some swankadelic restaurant eating foie gras tater tots? Nope! These folks are itching to see the real Miami, not über-trendy cafés filled with overinflated menus and boobs. They want Coopertown: population eight (humans) and about 1,000 gators. For more than 60 years, this little town/complex/tourist attraction/restaurant has been serving heaps of frogs' legs and gator tail, along with beer and sweet tea to wash it down. Auntie will jump for joy at the jumper platter: a half-pound of legs from frogs freshly gigged from the Everglades, and Sid will be pleased to chomp on some fried gator tail — all at an early-bird-friendly meal (Coopertown closes at 6 p.m. daily). Afterward, take them for an airboat ride and let them see what they just ingested. This is the real Miami — where man eats ancient predator (and Kermit's cousin).

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I took my family here and it was *quite* the experience. The air in the dining room was stale and the inexperienced waitress only served bottled water because the tap water wasn't drinkable. She had difficulty keeping the orders straight. Coffee had to be requested multiple times along with milk for the toddler. We considered getting our food to-go, but the picnic tables outside were filthy. I wouldn't recommend the place to anyone, especially out-of-town guests.