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Best of Miami 2012 - Best Parking in South Beach: 1111 Lincoln

3 years ago by New Times staff
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Best Fourth of July 2012 Parties on South Beach

3 years ago by Victor Gonzalez
America celebrates its 236th birthday this year, and the parallels between our relatively young nation and the popularity spike of electronic dance music are becoming increasingly clear. From our ties to England to first-generation embodiments of the American Dream, this year's Fourth of July parties don't just celebrate the United...


Truth foretold: One day in the near future there will be no place to park on South Beach that will cost less than cab fare from halfway across Miami-Dade County. But till that day arrives (and it is inevitable) there are still some prime, meter-free parking spots in the lots...


BEST PARKING ON SOUTH BEACH Bay Road between Thirteenth and Sixteenth streets After a couple of years of major construction, including the Waverly and Flamingo condominium projects, this stretch of road has emerged from the Dumpsters and bulldozers as blessedly unregulated. No parking meters in sight. No residential permits required...
Best Of Winner

Best Parking, South Beach

1111 Lincoln

Best is such a subjective word, especially when it comes to parking. The obvious answer is whatever is cheapest and closest, but no one wants to hear your stories of parking glory. "Oh, you found a metered spot right in front of the restaurant? Great, good for you. Guess what?...
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