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Best Mechanic Miami 2012 - J & M Auto Doctors

J & M Auto Doctors

15290 W. Dixie Highway

Miami, FL 33162


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Readers' Choice: Abana Auto Parts

Don't you hate those shady mechanics who don't give a crap about you, let alone your '97 Honda Accord? How about the grease monkeys who sell you things you don't need, like seat-belt insurance and door-handle user guides? Well, at J & M Auto Doctors, they care for not only your car but also your safety. The best antidote to that cynical mechanic hatred bubbling up in your stomach is honest, reliable, and speedy service — from minor repairs like a flat-tire fix, to the extremes of a blown-out engine. J & M has been in business for more than 13 years and will be around to work on your kid's car too. Another perk: If you have to leave your ride there, there's a rental car agency a half-block away.

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J & M is really Good! 

Actually theres another good Diesel engine parts company in Miami Called Heavy Duty Kits, They are super fast you can go to 


J & M has always made the effort to include me in my car's care. They are personal, and explain things plainly, so I know the decision I am making. Jude and Mark are business operators who can be trusted, because they don't do gimmicks. I need my wheels daily, and I don't need the worry of guess-work car repairs, like you get most places. They deserve this award and kudos for their honesty!!