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Best Liquor Store Miami 2012 - Vintage Liquors

Vintage Liquors

Vintage Liquors

3301 NE 1st Ave.

Miami, FL 33137


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Readers' Choice: Total Wine & More

Vintage Liquors has a multiple personality complex. Is it the hipster liquor store with staff that can tell you the difference between the $20 bourbon and the $200 Pappy Van Winkle? Is it the cute wine bar that you might find in some back alley in Paris? Or is it an old-school no-nonsense place to grab a bottle of tequila for the condo party you're going to? Frankly, it's yes to all of those questions. And why shouldn't it be? This little store is filled with surprises. Like a kid in an adult-candy store, you'll want to try every flavor of the potent potables sold here. But what to buy? Monthly tastings and events such as Vodkapalooza and a tequila run allow you to try before dropping cash on a new kind of booze. The wine bar, complete with Enomatic pouring robots, turns a trip to the liquor store into an evening out.

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Nora A.
Nora A.

Great Job! VodkaPalooza......Let's make it a World Wide event...... Tequila- Run for the Boarder... Father's Day Event-Running With the Big Boys- Scotch/Rums/Cigars, etc....and Charity Events like "The League Against Cancer" Mother's Day Event...and the list goes On!!! Kudos !!!!