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Best Laundromat Miami 2012 - Coral Way Lavanderia

Coral Way Lavanderia

Coral Way Lavanderia

1313 SW 22nd St.

Miami, FL 33145


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While nearby Mary's Coin Laundry and Deli lures students, foodies, and night owls with café con leche, Cubanos, and other culinary perks at its 24-hour lunch counter, the recently renovated Coral Way Lavenderia has made family its focus. The launderette's newly repainted walls are adorned with cute paintings by local kids, while arcade games and multiple TV sets keep the little ones occupied as you separate the whites from the colors. For adults, there's free Wi-Fi and a pair of computers so you can check your email without having to stuff your laptop into your already-heavy laundry bag. Laundry sucks. Luckily, Lavanderia doesn't.

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Well a report from a neighbor. It seems that the clientelle of this place is now the same as the scummiest places on 8th street. She reports that while there she nearly got into fisticuffs with some old whore who insisted she remove her clothes out of a washer and then was yelling at her to hurry up. Seriously. Dont patronize this location. The new owners dont care and have lost all control. GO TO MARYS. Open 24 hours and a reasonably good cafeteria in the corner. CORAL WAY NOW SUCKS


This is no longer true. A few weeks after the Best of Issue, the owner sold it. The new absentee owners have let this place go to hell. Broken machines, filthy floors, and today (Sunday 08/05/2012) no A/C. Can the Best of Award be rescinded? They are using the award earned by an attentive and and conscientious owner to advertise for free.