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Best Gun Shop Miami 2012 - Johnson's Firearms

Johnson\'s Firearms

Johnson's Firearms

150 NW 36th St.

Miami, FL 33127


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The Stars and Stripes flaps triumphantly near the entry to a rectangular fortified warehouse near midtown Miami. A sign over the metal front door announces, "Guns for the Good Guys." A year since opening his 4,000-square-foot armory, gun shop owner Dave Johnson has quickly become the go-to guy for folks preparing for the improbable zombie apocalypse or the very real threat of a ghoulish hurricane. Three long glass cabinets are stocked with a stunning inventory of pistols, from Berettas to Glocks to Smith & Wessons to Walthers. Prices for new guns range from $200 to $1,200. "We have more [assault] rifles than any gun store in Florida," Johnson boasts. "We also do a lot of consignment sales, as well as buying and trading used guns." It'll take more than just bullets to survive the walking dead, so Johnson offers end-of-days survivalists all the equipment they can use to stay alive when the electricity goes out. For instance, you can buy a hearty supply of freeze-dried gourmet food with a shelf life of 25 years. Dishes include savory stroganoff, pasta alfredo, cheesy lasagna, and teriyaki chicken and rice. In the event you need to pull off a quick escape from a horde of brain eaters, Johnson's Firearms sells $325 bug-out bags, which contain all the things you would need to survive on the run for 72 hours, such as a small ax to chop tree limbs for a fire, a first-aid kit, a hunting knife, a map of the continental United States, and trail mix. Of course, it helps to know how to defend yourself against different types of threats should all hell break loose. Johnson offers a specialized $90 course led by NRA-certified instructors who teach you how to shoot a gun, properly handle a shotgun or rifle, and defend your family in a home invasion scenario. Johnson also takes great care in helping first-time gun buyers choose the right firearm. "We take the time to sit with our customers to find out why they want a gun, whether it is for home defense or for carrying it concealed," he says. "A new gun user doesn't understand the difference between a concealed .380 and a large-frame .45 for competitive shooting."

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Konstantine Tsitsishvili
Konstantine Tsitsishvili

Very Attentive, Helpful and Extremely patient towards customers. Enjoy working with Johnson Firearms.

Ray Bravo
Ray Bravo 1 Like

Couldn't agree more. Best store in Florida period.

Sara T.
Sara T. 1 Like

Great Job Dave, you deserve it. We always have fun there when we come and you try to get us girls to buy tasers to protect ourselves. I recommend the store to every girl in town. They always make you feel right at home, not nervous and not intimidating. They are always willing to take the time to explain things!

Ian 1 Like

I've been there before, great store. The article says 3 glass cabinets, It's more like 33. That place is huge! Cool guys too and they love the Zombie thing. They are always playing Zombie movies. I guess to get us to buy more Ammo! ha ha