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Best Greek Restaurant Miami 2012 - Egg & Dart - CLOSED

Egg & Dart

Egg & Dart

4029 N. Miami Ave.

Miami, FL 33127


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Egg & Dart is dressed in shades of white — ceiling, columns, organic clay walls, and lacquered tabletops. A Brazilian cherry-wood bar and an Indonesian teak communal table add warmth. There's no obligatory wall mural of the Greek Isles here. Nor are there ouzo-fueled lunatics smashing plates on the floor or tossing napkins in the air. Egg & Dart is a contemporary urban restaurant with the same hip and sophisticated ambiance as any other; it just happens to serve incredibly tasty rustic Greek food. Proprietors Costa Grillas and Niko Theodorou are experienced hands. The former earned his stripes at Maria's, which has been serving Grecian fare for close to 30 years; the Theodorou family also owns and operates Sea Satin Market, a waterfront restaurant in Mykonos. Their collaboration yields a menu of all the foods we've come to love — shrimp saganaki, fried smelts, a textbook horiatiki salad, the obligatory mezze dips (melitzanosalata, skordalia, taramosalata, tzatziki), and a slew of items wood-grilled to smoky delectability (octopus, calamari, whole fish, double lamb chops — need we say more?). The wine list is globally savvy and eminently affordable: some 40 bottles range from $27 to $60. Cocktails are $9 and include a gin-based "Greek salad" of tomato water and muddled cucumber that's garnished with feta-stuffed kalamata olives. Fine food and drink in a fun, stylish setting. This Egg & Dart hits the bull's-eye.

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Clifford Brazier
Clifford Brazier

Well deserved. Really the best Greek restaurant in all of South Florida!


With all the new things that are developing in the design district, this restaurant is a definite gem. I have been there several times with family and friends, and it just seems to offer a wide food palette. It is also very clean. It's great to have Egg & Dart in the Design District that does not make you wait hours to be seated and make the visit worthwhile.