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Best Food Truck Miami 2012 - Mr. Good Stuff

Mr. Good Stuff

Mr. Good Stuff

Various locations/Food truck

Miami, FL 33137

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Readers' Choice: Ms. Cheezious

In Miami, there are almost 100 food trucks. Most serve the same three items — burgers, tacos, and cupcakes. Then there's Mr. Good Stuff, which offers the luna. If you're asking, "What the heck is a luna?" you're not alone. Contrary to popular belief, it is not lunch for moon men. We're talking about pork and brisket slow-cooked for hours until the meat is tender, juicy, and filled with the flavors of your childhood home. These meats are cradled inside an arepa, a Venezuelan corn cake freshly made on a griddle. They are then topped with house-made slaws or pickled onions until they're sloppy, messy, hot, and so satisfying you'll be rolling your eyes toward heaven as meat juice trickles to your elbows. For eight bucks, your view of food trucks and the world, along with your waistline, will expand.

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Sir, I can not agree with you more!! I by chance picked this food truck out of the rest and i'm telling you i think God scooted me over there because for me "the Godfather: burger is the best burger i have ever had in my life!!! SSSSoooooooo much freakin flavor, i find myself checking out twitter wondering when they will come back! THank God for these me that make (i wanna say) heaven like food!!! Taking my boyfriend to have his first best buger ever this weekend in Hollywood in Arts park!! Great choice as best food trucks, clearly you have wisdom! hehehehehehe Vanessa fort lauderdale, fl