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Best Car Detailing Miami 2012 - Just Right Car Wash

Just Right Car Wash

2021 NW 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33127


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Living on South Beach means fearing the fickle wrath of the flash-flood gods. Take a walk around the neighborhood after a heavy rain and you'll find half a dozen people furiously bailing out their cars and cursing at the heavens. Assuming your vehicle starts, the best bet to salvage your ride is to take it across the causeway to Just Right Car Wash in Wynwood. For $25, Just Right employees will drain your vehicle of the foul-smelling liquid sloshing around your feet. For $65, they'll vacuum your car's crusty crevasses and shampoo it from glove-box to trunk, leaving you with the fleeting, false impression that you have a new whip and not a 2005 Honda Civic with more miles on it than Joan Rivers. Speaking of ladies, Just Right offers them a discount every Tuesday. Check out the company's website for other special offers. And in case your car isn't the only thing that needs work, Just Right is located next door to a barbershop where you can get some pimping too.

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Whenever I heard the phrase "car detailing", I thought it was somebody putting a cool decal on their car. It makes a lot more sense that it's actually just a really detailed car wash. If you're paying attention to the details, you can really make your car shine in and out! It's nice to have a reliable place that you know will treat your car well and make it look like new again. 


I had no idea that you could get your car shampooed and vacuumed for such a good price! When I got my first car, it was full of dog hair! I spent hours trying to vacuum it out with our weak little vacuum. I wish I would have known about amazing services like these. A detailed car is a new car.


No one is all that surprised at this list, I suppose. Car detailing is a very niche market. That being said, those who are willing to pay for it are usually willing to pay well. Therefore, it's important to make it feel like a luxury service. The businesses who do that the best will probably succeed the most