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Best Breakfast Miami 2012 - Van Dyke Cafe - CLOSED

Van Dyke Cafe

Van Dyke Cafe

846 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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The sun is rising in the east

And you are drunk upon the beach.

Your belly aches from too much rum

and wild, crazy, all-night fun.

Where have you been, what did you do?

And wait, is that a real tattoo?

You need to stop and eat and think

to lounge, relax, and have a drink.

On Lincoln Road you will find

the tower that the ivy climbs.

The eggs are cheap, 11 bucks for two,

with bread and meat, a cup of coffee, one of juice,

and lots of people watching too.

So grab a seat and say your thanks

to break your fast and not your bank.

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cheap $11 for 2 egss. your review is blown by the fact you don't know what cheap is.