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Best Bar Renovation Miami 2012 - The Abbey Brewing Co.

The Abbey Brewing Co.

The Abbey Brewing Co.

1115 16th St.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Living in Miami sometimes feels like fighting a failing battle against collective amnesia. Every couple of months, nightclubs shut down and reopen under new names. Politicians come and go with the tide, leaving the city a bit dirtier each time. Hell, even our baseball team has a new name, stadium, and uniform. But if there's one place that we go to remember, it's the neighborhood bar. That's why there is nothing scarier to a barfly than the word renovation. Countless watering holes have closed for "renovation" only to never reopen or, worse, transmogrify into cocktail lounges full of black lights but with no draft beer. So imagine our terror when the Abbey Brewing Co. — one of the only good bars in Miami Beach — announced it would shut down for several months beginning last September. Thank Bacchus that when the place finally reopened this February, it was still recognizably the Abbey. In fact, owner Raymond Rigazio simply expanded the place. It's still a comfortable wood-lined cave where you can chat up a stranger or sip away your sorrows, but new ventilation and lighting mean it's a bit brighter and less smoky. The same laid-back bartenders still pour 13 different beers on tap, including the aptly named Immaculate IPA. But now you can actually find a place to sit. Plus there's room to throw darts without grazing customers as they pass through the doorway. So sidle up to the trusty old bar — made out of a shuffleboard table — or the new 14-foot bench put together with recycled Miami Dade pine, and have a drink. Each pint is a Pyrrhic victory over the powers of forgetfulness.

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Raymond Rigazio
Raymond Rigazio

The telephone number for the Abbey Brewing Company is (305) 538-8110. The 14 ft bench you are referring to, is actually a 14 foot community table. This community table lies between the original Abbey Space, and the newly expanded Abbey Space. The table was constructed from the left over Southern Yellow Pine, during the demolition phase of The Abbey Expansion. The boards were carefully milled at the OLD Florida Lumber Company, and then skillfully pieced together, by Master Carpenter Dewey Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong also built 5 other tables from this 150+ year old native Florida Hardwood, that is now extinct! The Abbey is no longer a beer and wine only bar, they now offer a full line of spirits, including hand crafted cocktails, and micro-distilled spirits.