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Best Arcade Miami 2012 - Arcade Odyssey

Arcade Odyssey

Arcade Odyssey

12045 SW 117th Ave.

Miami, FL 33186


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Rick Medina had amassed one of the largest private videogames collections in the area. The collection included hundreds of rare items, including hard-to-find consoles and arcade games. But videogames — like DVDs, guitars, and the gullible — are meant to be played. So he set out to open an old-school arcade. The result is Arcade Odyssey. There you'll find tons of machines you'll remember pouring countless quarters into during your childhood (Mortal Kombat II, Terminator pinball) and several rare games imported from Japan or that were never mass-produced (check out The Act: An Interactive Comedy for one sweet example). Because Medina's collection is too large for the space, a handful of different games are rotated in about every month. A warning, however: If you stop by, we can't promise we won't be hogging the 1992 X-Men six-player cabinet. If you're lucky, there might be room for you as Dazzler.

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I read your article and have been to many of the places you listed in your best of Miami, several of them many times, all of them except one, and I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you a hundred times for writing this article, I went for my first time to Arcade Odyssey, my jaw dropped from amazement from the moment I walked in there, it was like taking a retro gaming trip back 20 years. They had classic arcade arcade games such as pacman, galaga, digdug and space duel , an actual vector game! They had so many pinball machines and they were bringing in more as I played, they had imported Arcade titles from japan that I had only read about in gaming magazines, they had console gaming in 3d with chairs that vibrated to the games, It was a great atmosphere, more girls there than I ever remember seeing at any arcade or video game gathering anywhere. Very friendly crowd. Best fun I have had in a very long time and I'm very happy you wrote this article for if I had not seen it, I may have missed this rare gem. So thank you once again for letting me know such a location still existed. This place is a gamers paradise. - Corneer Rosenthal.


Went this past weekend with a group of friends and had a great time. Cool lighting effects and gaming ambiance. Tournament weekends are a must see!