Bars & Clubs

  • Best New Bar

    Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

    The only thing more imaginative than the Wynwood Walls backdrop at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is the cocktails. Our favorites include the Nunca ($12) — named for the Brazilian graffiti artist — a caipirinha that replaces cachaça with Japanese sake along with muddled strawberries and mint. The fresh ingredients add a delicate sweetness that doesn't overpower the sake. The Kenny… More >>
  • Best Bloody Mary

    GreenStreet Café

    Sunday was invented less as a day of rest and more as a time to recover from Saturday night. (That's not in the Bible, in case you were preparing to look.) As you sit at GreenStreet Café in the Grove, trying to keep your brains from oozing out of your skull, questions about the previous evening begin popping into your… More >>
  • Best Karaoke

    Studio - CLOSED

    "How do I live without you? I want to know!" LeAnn Rimes's love song should be crooned into the mike and dedicated to the best karaoke spot in Miami. Studio has offered wannabe singers good and consistent karaoke for ages. You can belt out just about any song, in a group (Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun") or sad… More >>
  • Best Place to Play Pool

    Styx Sports Bar, Grill & Pool

    It's dusk and you're cruising down West Dixie Highway in a black Cadillac at 66 mph. A pair of plastic dice dangles from the rear-view mirror, a stolen pool cue leans on the passenger seat, and a cheap vinyl bowling bag full of empty beer cans and melted ice sits in the trunk. Your back pocket bulges with a thick,… More >>
  • Best Sports Bar

    Midtown Sports Bar

    Real sports bars, just like true-blue fans, are usually a little rough around the edges. Think about it. When you watch the Dolphins pound the Pats at Sun Life, are the suits in the skyboxes the ones pumping the Aqua and Orange with energy? So why in hell would you expect to find real 305 passion in some slick corporate… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Bar, Miami Beach

    The Martini Bar

    "Please allow your barkeep a minute or two to craft your cocktail with the finest spirits and freshest ingredients," reads the cocktail menu at the Martini Bar at the Raleigh. It's a notice that your patience will be rewarded with a carefully created libation. In fact, you shouldn't mind if the bartender takes 20 minutes to pour such tasty concoctions.… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Bar, South

    Peg's Pocket

    Studies show the best way to unwind after a long day of work is drinking cheap beer and playing some equally cheap pool. This is especially true when this constructive behavior is carried out at a place where you can smoke to your heart's content, dress to unimpress, and not pay for parking. Peg's Pocket is a relatively undiscovered and… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Bar, North

    Billy's Pub Too

    The neighborhood bar's contributions to the community are various, and indispensable, as well documented in the '80s sitcom Cheers. It can be a watering hole and public house, a sanctuary and second home. It serves local boozehounds, working professionals, and inebriated philosophers alike. At a place like Billy's Pub Too, it can also serve some damn fine pub grub. But… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Bar, Central


    Give it up, Coconut Grove. Your attempt at being a nightlife hot spot that can compete with South Beach or downtown is long dead (and we get the feeling some of you like it that way). Time to go back to what you do best: charming, no-frills watering holes that don't come with exorbitant prices or velvet-rope attitude. That tradition… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Bar, West

    Gridiron Bar & Grill - CLOSED

    You're driving deep into the underbelly of West Kendall and everything seems perfectly normal. A gigantic Walmart, duh. Rows of identical townhouses with manicured lawns, yep. A strip mall across the street, of course. A parking lot sectioned off with police tape and packing 20 motorcycles... Wait, what? Behind the super-dark-tinted windows of the sports bar in this shopping complex:… More >>
  • Best Lounge

    Rumors Neighborhood Bistro and Bar - CLOSED

    True story. The parking lot in front of Rumors Neighborhood Bistro and Bar in the Old Cutler Towne Center is like an experiment in societal and cultural interaction. Some nights you'll see patrons parking pickup trucks decorated with Confederate flags. Other nights, hoopties will roll up with spinning rims (they're a bit behind the times in South Dade). Still, other… More >>
  • Best Dance Club


    Seven years. That's how long the title of "Best Dance Club" has eluded one of Miami-Dade's most iconic nightclubs. Seven years. That's a lifetime in club years. Mansion was basically the Susan Lucci of this category, so this is long overdue. Seven years ago, it filled the void left by Level, another legendary nightclub. Since then, superstar DJs such as… More >>
  • Best Poolside Bar


    With so many new and refurbished hotels popping up in Miami Beach, it's easy to forget those that pioneered the A-list lounge concept. SkyBar did it before the current crop of D-list reality stars were being paid to plop their butts at a table for a couple grand. And while some prefer the intimacy and VIP status of the RedRoom… More >>
  • Best Gay Bar

    Bar 721 - CLOSED

    In South Beach's hetero-dominated nightlife scene, the choices are almost endless and hot spots change more often than a straight guy switches his plaid boxers. But gay nightlife on the island has become rather staid over the past decade. Score and Twist are still the rage, but sometimes you have to go 721. Thankfully, after more than a year in… More >>
  • Best Live Music Venue

    Grand Central

    Miami needed a midsize venue. After Studio A's closure in 2008, it was evident. The city lacked an adequate place to host midlevel national acts that dare to trek to the farthest reaches of the Florida peninsula. The only alternative was Fort Lauderdale's Revolution Live or Culture Room, but it was unfathomable to think that a major metropolitan city like… More >>
  • Best New Venue for Live Music

    The Stage

    Known the world over as a dance capital — what with Winter Music Conference and all — Miami sometimes gets a bad rap for being a tough town in which to produce live music. But anybody making this claim fails to consider the ever-growing wellspring of musical talent, and new venues that blossom to support our artists — venues such… More >>
  • Best Endangered Venue to Beat the Extinct List

    Transit Lounge - CLOSED

    It was a scary moment when we heard this most hallowed of live music and boozing institutions was closing its doors after ten years of serving up some of South Florida's most memorable performances. Then came the news that owner Will Edwards had saved the day by purchasing the land so he could keep the spot open. Thank Dios. Some… More >>
  • Best Band


    A hip-hop group might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think Best Band. But why the hell not? ArtOfficial is nothing if not that — both a full-fledged band and some of the best musicians the 305 has to offer. Keyboardist Danny Perez, bassist Ralf Valencia, and saxophonist Keith Cooper lay down the live instrumentation:… More >>
  • Best Supergroup


    Plains isn't one of the most prolific bands on the local circuit. Rather than flood the blogosphere with a million throwaway tracks, they drop a few at a time and prefer to release physical product on seven-inch vinyl. And rather than slog through the same five clubs weekend after weekend, they spread out their shows, but make each one memorable.… More >>
  • Best Latin Band


    Meet our pick for Best Latin Band: Suenalo. What's that, you already know it? Of course you do. Hell, even if you've spent the past ten years living under a rock, if that rock sits in Miami-Dade County, this local ensemble has gotten a party cranking within earshot of your geological habitat at some point or another. And we're not… More >>
  • Best Fusion Band


    Take coarsely chopped pieces of cumbia, reggae, merengue, ska, and salsa. Stir in fresh-picked funk and soul covered in Spanish and English lyrics. Sprinkle in a dash of rock and just a little more R&B and hip-hop. Take a megasize spatula and work in some decorative dancehall. And just for the hell of it, because you're feeling kind of crazy,… More >>
  • Best Band Name

    Gorilla Pussy

    On a hot, sweaty night in late 2007, two dudes named Julio and Gordo were killing time in Coconut Grove's Kennedy Park, joking, smoking, and guzzling a toxic cocktail of Olde English and orange juice that's known to a certain kind of boozer as a Brass Monkey. Just a few days earlier, their band DIE-AREA had broken up. And that… More >>
  • Best Rock Club

    Beelzebub's Cave

    Enter Beelzebub's Cave. It's the underground home of local heavy-tuneage heroes Jean Saiz, Janette Valentine, and Felipe Torres, a threesome otherwise known as Shroud Eater. They sleep here. They practice here. And as the Cave's official Facebook page says, they "throw parties and call them shows." It's a bare-bones, BYOB situation where you'll get mashed and mangled by local doom… More >>
  • Best Solo Musician

    Otto von Schirach

    Maybe it's the Martian blood moving through his veins. Or maybe it's the fact that his DNA has been warped by microwaving too many frozen burritos. But Otto von Schirach is not like the rest of us. He's the mind behind sonic slabs of weirdness such as Spine Serpents From Sperm Island, Oozing Bass Spasms, and Magic Triangle. He oversees… More >>
  • Best DJ


    At 33 years old, Aristh Delgado's resumé is something that would make most DJs green with envy. Under the alias Craze, he's been declared the World DMC Champion three years in a row — a record that has yet to be matched by any other DJ in the world. Time magazine named him "America's Best DJ" in 2001. And this… More >>
  • Best New Electronica Artist


    Society is getting to the technological point where grandmas soon will crack and hack open laptops and then call themselves electronic musicians. But you must respect someone who still hails from the analog arts. Enter Entresol, AKA Eduardo Rivadeneira. Using a variety of synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic odds and ends, he composes lush dream beats that sound as… More >>
  • Best Jazz Musician

    Lindsey Blair

    As an official guitarist for Sábado Gigante with Don Francisco, Lindsey Blair has played alongside Puerto Rican reggaetonero Daddy Yankee, but it was Wes Montgomery who got him started on the guitar, and jazz is where his heart is. The Indiana native studied the form at the University of Miami for his bachelor's and master's degrees, and he has toured… More >>
  • Best Band You've Never Heard Of

    Little Beard

    There is something satisfying about feeling like you know something that has eluded others. We'll let you in on a little secret: A band called Little Beard has been playing all over Miami since around late 2008. It consists of Michael Lee on guitar/vocals, Sarah Attias on vocals/keyboards, Edwin Beauchamp on bass, and Mario Fabregas on drums. Together they create… More >>
  • Best Concert Series

    The Rising

    In summer 2010, a street-level consortium of local players — including SoFla swag supplier Last Rights, Fort Lauderdale producer Numonics, the C9 family, and Miami rap crew ¡Mayday! — drew up a mission statement ("Combine South Florida's best up-and-coming hip-hop talent with the best up-and-coming national talent") and launched the Rising monthly concert series. They were attempting to rally the… More >>
  • Best One-Nighter

    The Overthrow's Basel Castle

    The Overthrow is a creative collective made up of party terrorists. It is a favorite among the city's glamorously debauched, and with good reason. No other local crew blends the fallen upper crust with the fabulously down-at-the-heels in settings that go beyond the usual ho-hum club décor, playing exciting underground soundtracks. To wit: Basel Castle, one of the best late-night… More >>
  • Best Music Video

    "King Corpse"

    There are a lot of reasons to love Lil Daggers. The neo-psychedelia meets punk is infectious in a gangrenous kind of way. And putting their sound to video only makes you realize they are worth losing a limb for. British-born director Matthew Prickett takes "King Corpse," a sloppy rock 'n' roll track off the band's self-titled debut, and makes it… More >>
  • Best Open-Mike Night

    Words & Wine

    A love of words and wine is pretty much the job description for every position at New Times, so we're predisposed to like this event. In fact, we're drinking wine right now. Moreover, we are three sheets to the Caribbean sea breeze. So this makes us experts on open-mike nights. So we'll fulfill our second job duty before we pass… More >>
  • Best Latin Singer

    Elsten Torres

    It can be hard keeping up with so many fulano de tals in the music biz. They show up, play a couple of local venues, and head off to more lucrative shores before you get a chance to memorize their names. Not so for the actual Fulano de Tal. The '90s rock en español band did the hometown proud when… More >>
  • Best Weekly Party

    Cabana Boy Pool Party - CLOSED

    What wealthy, horny lady or randy, not-so-straight man doesn't want a strapping, young man to help around the house. Perhaps said man would be best used in the cabana, where shirts are optional. To satisfy those of us without enough flow to afford paid "help," there's the Cabana Boy Pool Party at Lords South Beach. Muscles and banana hammocks are… More >>
  • Best Percussionist

    Beatriz Monteavaro

    This lady is a seriously impressive force on the drums. She beats out all other local percussionists. Born in Cuba, this Hialeah mujer is both an accomplished musician and artist. She has been drumming since 1991 and guides percussion for the popular trio Beings alongside other veteran musicians Mike Alen and Ivan Marchena. And as a member of the noisy… More >>
  • Best Acoustic Performer


    Have you ever hung out in a cemetery at noon, sipped some Merlot, and sung along while Dracula played a short set of acoustic tunes on guitar and saw? Obviously we're not talking about the Transylvanian bloodsucker. For one thing, if he were exposed to full daylight, he'd burn up like a mosquito in an oven. For another, vampires can't… More >>
  • Best Songwriter

    Arboles Libres

    According to Arboles Libres' good buddy and label boss, Forward Motion Records exec Fernando Perdomo, this three-man crew of folksy Spanglish psychedelicists "can read each other's minds." And no doubt, there is proof of telepathy in the band's recorded output, especially sonic trips such as "The Spirit Of" and "Yellow Man." The songwriting is hyperintuitive, totally effortless, and superevolved. But… More >>
  • Best Scene Ambassadors

    Jacuzzi Boys

    Kicking out the fuzz and causing minor chaos since 2007, the Jacuzzi Boys are the sloppy garage-punk princes of Miami's rock 'n' roll scene. But the Boys' hyperpopularity isn't limited to the sweaty denizens of South Florida's skuzziest clubs. These three dudes — singer and guitar guy Gabriel Alcala, bass player Danny Gonzalez, and drummer Diego Monasterios — are getting… More >>
  • Best Concert of the Past Year

    Fucked Up

    When a 300-pound punk dude named Father Damian (AKA Pink Eyes, Mr. Damian, Damian Abraham) strips down to his underwear, belly-flops onto the bar, climbs the walls, screams in your face, and then tries to shove the mike down your throat, you tend to remember the experience. You might be going through 16 stages of fear. You might even be… More >>
  • Best Record Label


    The Internet is killing the music industry. And it's total suicide to start a record label in 2011. So why not just say, "Screw it," preempt the inevitably shitty sales, forget making money, and put out an entire collection of uncompromisingly noncommercial stuff just for the thrill of building your own little scene atop the ruins of a dead system?… More >>
  • Best Recording Studio

    Studio Center

    Founded in 1972 by Steve Cuiffo, Studio Center was a recording facility in North Miami where local Latin disco crew Foxy put its biggest hit to tape and television's Flipper got soundtracked. In 1990, the operation was transplanted to its current 6,000-square-foot location in Miami Lakes. And over the past 21 years, Studio Center has hosted superstars, divas, and hustlers,… More >>
  • Best Radio Station

    Street Connect Radio

    Drive time on I-95 sucks. And it's not just the rush-hour gridlock, the waves of noxious exhaust seeping into your Escalade's climate-controlled interior, or the fact that all these road-raging assholes won't stop blasting their horns every 15 seconds. It's the radio too. C'mon, just scan the airwaves and try to find anything other than reruns of the same old… More >>
  • Best VIP Room

    Goldrush - CLOSED

    Goldrush boasts certain intangibles that hoist it head and shoulders (and other body parts) above any other VIP room in town. All right, technically the club has 32 VIP rooms. Plus a few champagne rooms. But same difference. Almost. So what makes Goldrush's VIP rooms so special? Well, nursing students, paralegals, and all manner of other women with respectable and… More >>
  • Best Latin Club

    L'Boulevard Café

    For the bachata-, reggaeton-, trance-, and hip-hop-minded youth of Miami, this club in Little Santo Domingo offers the best in urban musical selection. The room temperature might be sweltering, but you will leave smiling, hot, and wet after dancing all night at the weekly all-you-can-drink, open-bar party. The club regularly hosts shows by live Latin bands and local rappers. Listen… More >>
  • Best After-Hours Club

    El Palenque Nightclub

    After you've been to the party, the afterparty, and the hotel lobby, there's one more spot to hit: the after-hours club. There should be food, drink, women, gracious hosts, music, dancing, and a comfortable place to sit. El Palenque has all of these and more. The venue is Hispanic by nature, and attracts sureños and norteños from Homestead to West… More >>
  • Best Happy Hour

    Barú Urbano

    If you're searching for a real happy hour, look in the Brickell area — home of the Magic City's version of the bridge-and-tunnel crowd. In the canyon below office and residential high-rises, Barú Urbano is an oasis of drink that beckons suits chasing skirts. But this is Miami, after all, so instead of cosmos or Long Island ice teas, the… More >>
  • Best Bar Food


    Four thousand miles. That's the distance between Miami and that thong-filled playground, Rio de Janeiro. Still, there's no need to stay home blasting bossa nova while crying into your salgadinhos. Join other Brazilians and Brazilophiles at Boteco, a Portuguese bar perched on NE 79th Street just west of the causeway. After drinking your weight in Itaipava beer and caipirinhas, and… More >>