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Best Sneaker Store Miami 2011 - CJ Urban Wear

CJ Urban Wear

CJ Urban Wear

121 E. Flagler St.

Miami, FL 33131


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Looking to cop a pair of those electric-blue-and-yellow "Entourage" LeBron 8 Nike kicks? Or maybe you've been saving to get your hands on those "Cool Grey" Air Jordan 11s? You could log on to eBay to find a rare pair of sneaks, or you could take a day trip to downtown Miami, where CJ Urban Wear serves up an exclusive selection of athletic shoes in Baskin-Robbins ice-cream colors. One wall features a time capsule dedicated to number 23's signature shoes from the time he entered the league as a Chicago Bull to his retirement in a Washington Wizards jersey. But you need Rick Ross money to shop at CJ's. Most shoes range from about $150 to $300 and max out at $1,350.
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I know of one sneaker tore in South Miami that can sell and do whatever they want due to the fact that its co-owner is a brother of a Miami Heat player and he gets special attention from Nike when all of us are struggling.......taqlk about unfair !!!! 

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