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Best Scooter Rental Miami 2011 - Grow Verde

Grow Verde

1749 NE Miami Court

Miami, FL 33132

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Explore Miami on a Vespa. For $75, Grow Verde will deliver an Italian scooter anywhere in the city, let you keep the thing for six hours, and pick it up when you're all scootered out. The price includes gas and insurance. But the most unique thing about Grow Verde is its Vespa-sharing program. Are you a recent college grad who can't afford ramen noodles let alone car payments? With a "Housemates" membership, you and your roomies can split a $99 annual fee and call/text Grow Verde whenever you need a scooter. They'll deliver the Vespa and charge you a discounted rate of $49.99 for the entire day, or just $7.50 an hour. There are also membership packages for families and businesses, as well as a presidential club for big-money ballers.
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