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Best Of Winner

Best Restaurant, Design District/Midtown

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

It is said that you should strike while the iron is hot, and no Miami chef has sizzled with success like Michael Schwartz. Miami's farm-to-table pioneer and James Beard Award winner has expanded his brand in recent years by way of a cookbook, a pizzeria (Harry's), an MGF&D in the...

Miami Spice 2011: The Good, the Great, and the Grudging (Design District, Midtown & More)

4 years ago by Lee Klein
Yesterday we took a look at some upcoming Miami Spice menus (the promo begins in four days) from South Beach and Mid-Beach. We noted that some restaurants embrace this $35 prix fixe three-course menu with more gusto than others. Those that are generous with choices and availability are deemed "great."...
Best Of Winner

Best Restaurant in the Design District/Midtown

MC Kitchen

If you were to stumble upon MC Kitchen, maybe after a stroll through the Design District's shops or perhaps drawn by the wafting aromas of Italian fare, you would probably end up sipping a cocktail made with Dogfish Head beer. (Three of six drinks are, in fact, prepared with suds.)...
Best Of Winner

Best Restaurant in the Design District/Midtown

Sustain Restaurant + Bar

"Our menus change with the seasons. It is our mission to provide customers with the purest and finest local ingredients and to support farmers who take great pride and passion in their work." Yeah, yeah, right. Heard that one before — like every single time a restaurant opens these days...

Design District's Egg & Dart Is Closed

8 months ago by Laine Doss
The Design District restaurant Egg & Dart has closed. Outside the restaurant recently, there was no activity during what would be an early dinner service. A blue handwritten sign proclaimed the restaurant "closed," and a rose bush, still chained to the building with a bicycle lock, was wilted and unwatered...
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