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Best Place to People-Watch Miami 2011 - Biscayne Boulevard near I-395 during Ultra Music Festival

Readers' Choice: Lincoln Road
There's nothing more entertaining than watching underage kids escaping from late-night raves and wandering near the bus terminal during Ultra Music Festival. Typically standing around and waiting for someone to give them a ride home, these kids are easy to spot even in the darkness: lanky, sweaty teens wearing shit-eating grins, loads of rubber or string bracelets, and such a mix of fluorescents, patterns, and ill-fitting spandex accouterments that make them look like refugees from an American Apparel store in the Harajuku district.
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The so called "writters" for this paper need help.

David Josef Tamargo
David Josef Tamargo

New Times Best of 2011 FAIL!

I-395 not I-195.

Was this award written by the Broward staff or something?