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International Dance Music Awards 2011 Winners

4 years ago by Camille Lamb
The biggest awards in dance music took place at Dolce last night. The International Dance Music Awards' producers seemed to have their short-attention-spanned audience in mind when they designed the event, keeping the awards-presentation time to a minimum, and focusing instead on the performances and afterparty. Still, 56 awards were...

Flying Fish

8 years ago by Lee Klein
Our waiter came to the table and began speaking in a foreign tongue. Granted, we were at La Dorada, a Spanish seafood establishment with a predominantly Hispanic clientele. But one would think that when management determines the language to be spoken by employees, a restaurant's country of residence would take...

Flying High

17 years ago by Jim DeFede
It was considered the deal of the year. In order to finance the ongoing expansion of Miami International Airport, county commissioners needed to issue $200 million in bonds and were looking for an underwriting firm to oversee the transaction. The lucky winner could expect to earn hundreds of thousands of...

Lord of the Flies

9 years ago by Josh Schonwald
Thursday, April 21, 2006, appeared to be the last day of the Reign of Ratner. It began ordinarily enough and without great expectations. At 9:15 a.m., Marty Arostegui, a 59-year-old retired physician, loaded some gear into his Chevy Avalanche and headed for the Snake Pit — the heart of snakehead...

Flying Blind

19 years ago by Jim DeFede
At four o'clock in the morning, County Commissioner Bruce Kaplan looked beat. He got up to stretch his legs and walked along the makeshift dais set up in the gymnasium at Southridge High School in Cutler Ridge. As he passed his commission colleagues, he tapped several of them on the...
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