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Best Place to Buy Knickknacks for Your Cuban Grandma

China Cabinet

It can be tough shopping for abuela. You want to give her a superuseful blender or a collector's-edition box set of ¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.?, but you know that, at the end of the day, she'll most appreciate a pastel figurine of a pigtailed girl under a parasol walking a poodle...

Bring on the Cubans!

18 years ago by Judy Cantor
By ten o'clock the migration has begun. Thousands move slowly on foot through the humid night streets. They squeeze into buses or haggle lifts from cab drivers cruising in their compact Ladas and battleship Fifties Chevrolets. At the outdoor dance hall La Tropical, a line forms around the block. Some...

The Quiet Cuban

18 years ago by Judy Cantor
When jazz pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba walks up to the entrance of the Van Dyke Cafe on Lincoln Road, no one wields a Cuban flag like a weapon, throws a bottle, or spits, the way protesters in front of the Gusman Center did the night he performed in Miami last year...

Miami's Best Coffee Houses: Ten Places to Rev Your Caffeine Engine

3 years ago by Laine Doss
Miami is famous (or infamous) for its beaches, toned bodies, and hot nights filled with music. But dancing until dawn, then trying to make it through the day requires massive doses of caffeine. Thankfully, the Magic City is home to some wonderful coffee houses.From the little walk-up windows of downtown...

Cuban Baseball Agents: Risks and Lies

3 years ago by Gus Garcia-Roberts
Cuban Baseball Agent Carlos Perez Miami Sports Consulting: Risks and Lies
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