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Best Place to Buy a Used Bike Miami 2011 - Tamiami Cyclery

Tamiami Cyclery

Tamiami Cyclery

6348 SW 8th St.

Miami, FL 33144


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With gas prices this high, even the most motor-loving among us must be considering the benefits of switching, at least on occasion, to self-powered transportation. But maybe we're not ready to shell out top dollar for a new bicycle. If you're looking for a used bike or used parts, check out Tamiami Cyclery. The small strip-mall spot has been in business for decades and looks like it, but you'll find a menagerie of vintage frames and rare parts at good prices. Plus the staff is always polite and knowledgeable.
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I just called there moments ago, and got a very rude response from whoever answered the phone. "We're open...that's why we answered the phone." I was going to purchase a bike today from this store. Now, I am taking my business elsewhere.


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