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Best Neighborhood Bar, Central Miami 2011 - Taurus



3540 Main Highway

Coconut Grove, FL 33133


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Readers' Choice: Bar
Give it up, Coconut Grove. Your attempt at being a nightlife hot spot that can compete with South Beach or downtown is long dead (and we get the feeling some of you like it that way). Time to go back to what you do best: charming, no-frills watering holes that don't come with exorbitant prices or velvet-rope attitude. That tradition was established back in the '60s by the Taurus, the Grove's oldest bar, and still its best. The Main Highway mainstay reopened in 2009 after a seven-year hiatus and found itself surrounded by a couple of Italian restaurants and fancy new condos. But it stayed true to its roots as a casual place to grab sanely priced suds and cocktails. Patrons can select from nearly 50 beers to down either in the spirited but cozy main room or out back on the quiet patio.
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Liliana Dones
Liliana Dones

Congratulations to Nick, Flippy and the gang: Taurus, "the Grove's most legendary bar" is now also, according to New Times, the Best Neighborhood Bar