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Best Latin Club Miami 2011 - L'Boulevard Café

L\'Boulevard Café

L'Boulevard Café

3632 NW 25th Ave.

Miami, FL 33142


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Readers' Choice: Bongos Cuban Caf
For the bachata-, reggaeton-, trance-, and hip-hop-minded youth of Miami, this club in Little Santo Domingo offers the best in urban musical selection. The room temperature might be sweltering, but you will leave smiling, hot, and wet after dancing all night at the weekly all-you-can-drink, open-bar party. The club regularly hosts shows by live Latin bands and local rappers. Listen every Saturday to the live broadcast on El Zol 95.7 to get an idea of how DJs Koko and Liquid get down, but go to L'Boulevard Café in person for the true experience, and when you leave, hit the 5 a.m. chimi truck.
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Whoever says Bongos is the best latin club in MIa is totally wrong, only balseros go there...if you wanna go to place and listen to "oyeee!! asere!!! que volaa!!" type of wanna go sucks.


sorry but this is not the best latin club !!! best latin club is bongos cuban cafe at the american airlines arena on saturday nights..............