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Best Juice Bar Miami 2011 - Futuro Supermarket Cafeteria

Futuro Supermarket Cafeteria

Futuro Supermarket Cafeteria

13660 Miller Road

West Dade, FL 33175


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We live in a city that regularly sees temperatures above 90 degrees. Fortunately, Miami's climate is also ripe for growing awesome produce of all kinds. That means there is no reason to settle for a made-from-concentrate, prepackaged juice box when you can have the real thing. Futuro Supermarket is like a blast from the past with its antiquated cash register and small aisles. But way at the back of the store sits the perfect oasis. Mango, pineapple, orange, carrot — the list of fresh juices goes on and on. They're served in a 16-ounce Styrofoam cup ($2) or sold by the half-gallon ($6). Either way, they taste like you just bit into the fruit itself.
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Vicki and family
Vicki and family

I am familiar with Futuro. It's a place that you would see on the Food Network, diners, drive-ins and dives hosted by Guy Fieri.

The setting is: a family-style hispanic diner with a wrap-around counter, and tables. The wait staff is friendly, and have been at Futuro for many years. Then you find the meat section, where a traditional butcher is always happy to help and even suggests great recipes for your choice of meat, poultry, seafood, and pork! You can wind thru the small isles and find all sorts of goodies from different latin american countries.

Then the fruit juices and fruit cocktails, fresh pork rinds (chicharrones) and cuban homemade tamales wrapped in corn husks (like in the old days) that and these products can all be found at the rear of Futuro. Futuro has the best pan-con-bistec (steak sandwich) in town, which goes perfect with their fresh fruit juices and milkshakes!

They have farm fresh fruits and vegetables all year around, and a deli which carries an assortment of cheeses, ham, and chorizos. To end the rounds at the store, you can stop for one of the best expressos' "cafecitos" and unwind with a joke or two from the locals who stop by evry day for their daily specials and a cafecito or refreshing fruit juice or shake!

I have traveled and eaten in many places locally, as well as throughout the states, caribbean and Europe and find this place catchy, laid-back, friendly and yummy! For those watching calories, they have a very nice grilled Tropical Fish plate or a Caesar Salad topped with fresh grilled chicken or fish.

It's quite a little happy and yummy homestyle food place with moderate prices and outstanding value.

Holidays are pretty neat as they are infamous for their whole grilled pork or their oven roasted turkey, complemented with delicious sides of yuca, rice, beans, plaintains, mashed potatoes, and a unique delicious stuffing which recipe they will not reveal.