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Best Inexpensive Restaurant Miami 2011 - Crumb on Parchment

Crumb on Parchment

Crumb on Parchment

3930 Northeast 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137


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The Design District is not exactly bargain central, unless you consider a $500 Y3 cardigan or a futuristic $2,000 two-legged chair to be a steal. The same goes for the up-and-coming area's culinary scene: Restaurants like Michael's Genuine and Sra. Martinez offer great food, but at significant prices. For those working in the neighborhood, finding an affordable meal means praying to the Twitter gods for a food truck to stop. But there is new hope hidden in the heart of the Design District. Step into the soaring atrium at 3930 NE Second Ave. and the first thing you notice is the sunlight. The second thing you sense is the smell of delicious baked goods. The source: Crumb on Parchment, the latest project by Sra. Martinez chef Michelle Bernstein. Crumb on Parchment, or COP for short, opened only in April, but it has already developed a steady following thanks to its tasty café cuisine and cheap prices. Modestly sized sandwiches ($5 to $10), soups ($4.50), and salads ($5 to $10) compose the bulk of the menu, but their low cost makes mixing and matching affordable. The homemade roast beef sandwich with creamy horseradish, sweet onions, and greens is light and delicious, as is the Southern tomato salad with arugula, blue cheese, and rare seared tuna. COP's real treat, however, is the chocolate brownies. According to the menu, they are made with "100 percent butter and lots of love." They sure taste like it.
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Wayne A.
Wayne A.

Average food quality and average prices. Pulled chicken sandwich is their only outstanding dish.

Staff is friendly but wait time for food is extraordinarily long. On my last visit I waited close to 20 minutes for a grilled cheese sandwich, which they got wrong by using the wrong bread. I have eaten there 10 times and 2 of those times they got my order wrong (that's 20%).

The restaurant, if you can call it that, is located in the lobby area of a commercial building. The ambiance is poor, since they use whatever tables and chairs they could scrape together. A few plants are scattered around and the rock music blares from the speakers.

Save your time and money and eat at one of the nicer restaurants in the area.