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Best Cuban Restaurant Miami 2011 - Islas Canarias

Islas Canarias

Islas Canarias

285 NW 27th Ave.

Miami, FL 33125


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Readers' Choice: Versailles
Sure, you can get a sandwich de medianoche and a giant plate of vaca frita anywhere in this town. But what if you're craving harder-to-find Cuban specialties such as tasajo con boniato, cured, salted beef boiled soft with vegetables and spices and served with sweet potato; or pechuga con quimbobo, chicken slowly stewed with potatoes and okra? At those times, you'll want to head to Islas Canarias, a spot curiously named for a region of Spain. It has been a Miami Cuban food institution for more than 30 years. The ambiance is Scarface-chintzy: neon lights, strip mall surroundings, and old-timers and huge familias packed into tight seating. But the locally famous croquetas ($1.15 each) — wrapped in a thin layer of batter, cleanly fried, and stuffed with creamy, cumin-seasoned pork — are alone worth the venture.
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Dam right it is! My favorite is their new Cafe on 137th ave and 38 st. Delicious!!!!!

alexandra odriozola
alexandra odriozola

gotta disagree! the best in my opinion will always be Cafe Versailles. :)