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Best Concert of the Past Year Miami 2011 - Fucked Up

Fucked Up

Fucked Up

5501 NE 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137


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When a 300-pound punk dude named Father Damian (AKA Pink Eyes, Mr. Damian, Damian Abraham) strips down to his underwear, belly-flops onto the bar, climbs the walls, screams in your face, and then tries to shove the mike down your throat, you tend to remember the experience. You might be going through 16 stages of fear. You might even be shitting your pants. But strangely, you're having tons of fun. And if you're a fan of Canadian hardcore crew Fucked Up, this is the kind of incident you'd call superior entertainment. And these are the signs you've survived an all-out rumble with the biggest dude in the pit. Indeed, every time frontman Damian and his four cohorts — drummer Mr. Jo (AKA Jonah Falco), guitar guy 10,000 Marbles (AKA Mike Haliechuk), Concentration Camp (AKA Gulag, Josh Zucker), and Young Governor (AKA Ben Cook) — take the stage, it's a full-out attack on the human body. And the couple hundred punks, music nerds, and casual sadists who made it out to Churchill's September 14, 2010, left with scars — physical, psychic, or otherwise. Everyone got Fucked Up. And there were no regrets.
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Charles Appelbaum
Charles Appelbaum

I still laugh my head off when Josh Zucker the poseur claims he was a "street kid". His rich daddy was paying his rent in Parkdale and he was boasting his welfare payments were his party money. This arrogant wannabe communist fool is such a bullshitter and never had to worry about a hungry day in his life!


Great write-up. Though, I was there and there was definitely not a couple of hundred people. It was like 70 people. Nobody went to that show.Lightning Bolt, however, which I went to as well, as pretty much at-capacity. That's a couple of hundred people mos def.