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Best Wine Bar Miami 2010 - Eno's Winebar Cafe

Eno\'s Winebar Cafe

Eno's Winebar Cafe

920 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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A Miamian's dilemma: You want to enjoy all the great things about Lincoln Road — the unparalleled people-watching, the sidewalk-café ambiance under gently lit palms, the crackling South Beach energy. But you're a local. You're not about to fall for the ol' hot-Ukrainian-model-waving-a-menu-in-your-face ploy, and you're sure as hell not going to spend 200 bucks just to relax in the shade for a couple of hours. Who would have thought that a wine bar, of all the bourgeois haunts, would come to the rescue? Eno's Winebar Café is a slim and stylish storefront in the middle of Lincoln Road Mall, lit with an audacious red chandelier and stocked with hundreds of wines. Best of all, Eno's rotating cast of vinos is hooked to a high-tech sampling machine. You can "charge" a plastic card with as much cash as you'd like and then taste away with a splash of that Armand de Brignac or a full glass of the Leroy Bourgogne Rouge. Shady outdoor tables alongside a gently gurgling fountain are the perfect setting for finally enjoying Lincoln like a local.
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We called in advance to make reservations and asked if there would be heaters for the outside seating area as the temperature had dropped to 50's (super cold in Miami). The owner said yes and that he could accommodate for 12. When we got there, there were no heaters. It took them without exaggerating 20 -30 minutes between each bottle of wine. They were out of of the appetizers on the menu, the bread accompanying the cheese was stale, the complimentary pizzas were stale and cold. They would forget that we had ordered another bottle of wine and when I walked inside to ask for the bottle, he handed it to me and said go serve it yourself. When we went to complain about the service, the owner said "Don't come back". Instead of trying to appease customers, a party of 12, he was offensive. He overcharged our bill, and then we we complained about that, he threw the credit card and receipt on the floor, instead of passing it to us. This is terrible terrible service. If you're looking for self serve wine, go for it, but don't expect good food to accompany the wine or good service.

Tullia gasparotto
Tullia gasparotto

Good job my love ...Michele Merlo after 7 Wine Spectator Award at the Pelican now best Wine bar 2010 you deserve it you are Number one !!!