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Best Smoothie Miami 2010 - Miami Juice

Miami Juice

Miami Juice

18660 Collins Ave.

Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160


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Today a cell phone can no longer be just a phone. It has to be a camera, a stereo system, a minicomputer, and an all-purpose replacement for human contact all in one. Smoothies have suffered a similar demand for multifunction. You can get ones that promise weight loss, muscle gain, better concentration, cures for minor ailments, even boosts to the libido, all while also being packed full of sweeteners and preservatives to make them taste like candy. It's gotten so out of hand that you can walk out of a national chain that promotes itself as healthy with 30 ounces of peanut butter-flavored sludge that adds up to 1,170 calories (that's, like, about two KFC Double Downs). Time to get back to basics, and that's exactly what Miami Juice does best. The charming juice bar, restaurant, and health food store is located in a strip mall on Sunny Isles Beach. The smoothies are made from basic combinations of mostly organic fruits and ice, nothing more, nothing less, and they taste great. Well, yes, you can get a protein smoothie too (which also tastes delicious), but as life keeps getting more complicated, we prefer to keep things simple.
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Although you rate the Smoothies highly, watch out for the salads. My wife ended up in the emergency room at Aventura Hospital after severe food poisoning...we felt something was wrong with the 'fresh' food, and then realized we made a horrible mistake when she was hooked up to an IV for hours at end. I strongly disagree with this review.