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Best Road to Avoid Miami 2010 - Doral Boulevard (AKA 36th Street and 41st Street)

If you've ever ventured into Doral, you've probably had to brave the nauseating, car-sickening, I-just-want-to-get-out-of-my-car and-stab-someone traffic, especially on Doral Boulevard, AKA 36th Street, AKA 41st Street (maybe the confusing three names have something to do with its madness?). So do three other factors: insane construction on adjacent streets, which draws escaping traffic to the boulevard; the proximity of Doral Academy (elementary, middle, and high school), which jams the street with a sea of parents, guardians, big brothers, sisters, and abuelos dropping off and picking up the kids; and the omnipresence of police officers filling their quota of fines. So avoid Doral Boulevard, because attempting to drive on it will cause you to commit some random act of vehicular violence.
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I already avoid Doral at all costs. Driving there is a hassle for all the reasons you say in the post. I'm not about to pay the costs of incorporation of the city through traffic tickets, so I'll patronize businesses in more hospitable cities.