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Best Public Works Project Miami 2010 - Outdoor gym at Kennedy Park

Outdoor gym at Kennedy Park

Outdoor gym at Kennedy Park

2400 S. Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove, FL 33133


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Your typical gym is crowded at rush hour, smells of antiseptic, and plays a rotating soundtrack of groaning jocks and bad house music. It's pricey too. Commissioner Marc Sarnoff should know. He works out at Coral Gables' Equinox, which, for a base rate of $129, could probably keep a few of those laid-off city employees on the ledger. So in November, he used some of his quality-of-life funding — nearly $30,000 — to create the antithesis to Equinox: an outdoor gym. Located at Kennedy Park, a jog away from city hall, the gym is equipped with all the basic workout gear: a couple of sit-up benches, a leg press, monkey bars, and several elliptical and rowing machines. Out in the open, the Crayola-green equipment is constantly in use, seven days a week. It's not hard to see why. The only shrill noise you're likely to hear is kids playing or the occasional Frisbee zipping by. And there's a bonus: Sarnoff still works out at Equinox, so you won't have to see him doing squats on an otherwise beautiful afternoon. Open since November, the gym has been so popular that Sarnoff wants to install similar ones at Margaret Pace and Legion parks.
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Thank you Sarnoff---Fuck the new times---we love the park!

Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio

You guys are a bunch of douches---you give sarnoff shit for actually giving us a good return on our tax dollars. Me and my wife see Sarnoff working out at the park all the time. The equipment is great and it gets a lot of use. By the way, Equinox is one of the only gyms in town to sponsor free training at the park. Check tem out in Coral Gables and Aventura. They have training available at a variety of prices call them at (305)648-9088. Thanks very much Commissioner Sarnoff! and Thank you New Times for being such lame douches!!