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Five Best Chefs of 2010

4 years ago by Lee Klein
​Five chefs. Five different means of distinguishing themselves over the course of the past year. The names are Timon Balloo, Giancarla Bodoni, Kevin Cory, Richard Hales, and Simon Stojanovic. The reasons follow:Giancarla Bodoni, Escopazzo:The organic Northern Italian fare that Giancarla cooks up at Escopazzo is a genre unto itself. Not...

BET Awards 2010: Nicki Minaj Thanked "All the Female Rappers;" Is That Enough For Lil Kim?

5 years ago by Arielle Castillo
​In the Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim war, the Queen Bee hasn't exactly been acting regal. As the younger femcee's star has risen, Kim seems to be taking more and more potshots at Nicki. First, there was that incident in early June where she appeared onstage with a Nicki-style candy-colored wig,...

International Dance Music Awards 2011 Winners

4 years ago by Camille Lamb
The biggest awards in dance music took place at Dolce last night. The International Dance Music Awards' producers seemed to have their short-attention-spanned audience in mind when they designed the event, keeping the awards-presentation time to a minimum, and focusing instead on the performances and afterparty. Still, 56 awards were...

Meet the nine MasterMind award finalists

4 years ago by Jorge Casuso
Art, when successful, should open up our senses, show us things that are lost if not looked for, give us sounds we never really listen to, or help us forge connections between ideas we never pair. Art gives us a new way of experiencing our world. On February 10, Miami...

MasterMind Awards 2012 Take Wing

3 years ago by Ciara LaVelle
MasterMind Awards 2012 Take Wing
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