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Best Political Comeback Miami 2010 - Rev. Richard Dunn

On January 13, Rev. Richard Dunn found himself back in familiar territory: in second place. Dunn, a firebrand community activist and pastor at Faith Community Baptist Church, had lost every election he'd touched since a stint as an appointed city commissioner in 1996. This year, yet again, he lost to incumbent Michelle Spence-Jones, who ran in a special election for her own District 5 seat after Gov. Charlie Crist removed her over a bribery charge. Spence-Jones won that election but lost her second game of chicken with the governor, who suspended her again. For Dunn, second place turned into the golden ticket. The reverend outlasted five other candidates to earn an appointment to fill Spence's troubled seat representing Little Haiti and Overtown, in exchange for a promise to not run again in the next election. Dunn quickly squashed any suspicion he'd come back to the commission as a placeholder. He's been a full-on force since January, fundraising in Lib City, spatting over redevelopment plans, and backing a controversial proposal for earlier nightclub hours. And now, in true-blue politico fashion, he's all but officially reneging on his pledge not to run for the seat again this fall. Welcome back, Rev!
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The "reverend" accepts this position on the condition that he will not run again, and turns around and immediately announces he is running again. If he lied on his first act as commissioner, why should we trust hi, I say we dump this chump...