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Best Place to Meet (Hopefully) Single Men Miami 2010 - Vizcayans' Halloween Sundowner

No, you can't tell what his face really looks like. And, yes, perhaps he is hiding a ring under that Freddy Krueger glove, which, by the way, he happens to be wearing on the wrong hand. But just for tonight, you can be sure that your masqueraded mate is the pick of the litter. Why? This annual event seems to attract the guys with money, honey. Tickets cost about the same as a bottle of Dom ($125 for general admission, which is more than some club thug is willing to spend on a few shots of Patrón, for sure). And just the idea that Mr. Mystery turned down a few Pimp 'n Ho party invitations to schlep all the way out to Vizcaya for a four-hour-long fundraiser is a sign that the guy's got class. As for why the gents flock to this event, well that's elementary: they know they have the best chance to meet hot chicks already willing to play dress up.
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Jan Idelman
Jan Idelman

In the interest of full disclosure and the transparency social media requires, I am fortunate enough to handle the PR and sponsorship for this great event, and while I may be biased, the writer is RIGHT. It IS Miami's best Halloween bash...and that's the unbiased truth and all the smart hipsters will be there! See you Sat Oct 30th! New Times, I love you guys!