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Best Of Winner

Best Place to Get Your Ass Kicked

American Top Team Doral

Do you find yourself watching UFC fights on pay-per-view, envisioning yourself in briefs decorated with the flag of your native country, with blood dripping down your face and an award-winning case of cauliflower ear? If so, you might be clinically insane and/or interested in knowing that at American Top Team...

This Kosher Carrot Kicks Ass

9 years ago by Pamela Robin Brandt
Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where a new convert to healthy eating plunks an unadorned ear of corn on your plate, raving about how much more flavorful it is without the distraction of all that melted butter? Well, I have, and it's not a place I want to...

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

20 years ago by Todd Anthony
The massive tattooed wrists tighten around the New Times correspondent's neck, constricting both his windpipe and the flow of blood to his brain as effectively as giant human pliers. The reporter begins to second-guess his decision to make journalism his career, and, more specifically, the folly of sitting in on...

Ass Good As It Gets

When the Beastie Boys asked, "Professor, what's another word for pirate's treasure?" artist Daniel Fila knew the answer: booty. Early this past December, when thousands of collectors, curators, and critics descended on Miami for Art Basel, more than just the creations housed within the walls of galleries and the Miami...

Nine Ways to Get Your Ass Kicked at Cuba Nostalgia Expo

4 years ago by Sebastian del Mármol
Listen, you don't establish the credibility and following that Cultist has in the community by badmouthing your largest reader demographic. Trust us. We know where our tostadas Cubanas are buttered. And don't get us wrong, some of our best friends are Cuban. Actually, many of our writers are Cuban. We...
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