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Best Place to Get a Tattoo by an Artiste

Eazy Street Gallery

[Redacted] — one of Miami's most notorious graffiti artists, hounded by police investigators for two decades — is known to ink here, and his work on skin is as clean, vibrant, and creative as the rich "vandalism" he leaves on highway signs and abandoned buildings throughout three counties. The gallery...
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Best Place to Get a Tattoo

Tattoo Image

When Ralph Chaviano was a little kid, his father would bring home reams of copy machine paper from the office. Pops would go down to the basement of their Brooklyn brownstone and place the packaged stacks in neat piles on the concrete floor. Whenever Chaviano completed a chore or brought...
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Best Place to Get a Tattoo by an Artiste

Hell Bound City Tattoo

Life moves fast in the concrete subtropics, every scar tells a story, and time flies on bat wings. There aren't many things you can buy that will be with you the rest of your life, so when you get tattooed, don't trust just anyone with a sharpened guitar string, cassette...

2010 Latin Grammy Awards: Crossfade Cashes in Its Chips on Winning Picks

4 years ago by Paul Torres
The awards are over. My hotel room is trashed. There's debris everywhere -- cigarette butts and cigar nubsand shards of glass from countless broken bottles. There's a strange mustard mural painted -- now dried -- on the mirror, and I'm wearing a dinosaur tail with suspenders. And there's something in the ashtray...
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Best Tattoo Shop

HandCrafted Tattoo and Art Gallery

Sure, Chris Nuñez, of Miami Ink and Ink Master fame, is the man behind HandCrafted Tattoo and Art Gallery. But that's only one reason why this place should be your new favorite spot to get tatted up. The place hardly feels like a tattoo shop. You won't find drunken spring...
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