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Miami Fly

You will sweat profusely. You will regret never having made a will. And you might very well barf. But once you're back on the ground, you'll hanker to get up in the air again. To actually fly a small plane bears no relation to the experience of sitting on a...

A Lesson in Mismanagement

16 years ago by Ted B. Kissell
It was late February when Madeline Norgan received social studies textbooks for her first-grade class at Henry E.S. Reeves Elementary School. Until then the 26-year-old teacher had been using "trade books," including biographies of historical figures. She supplemented these books with some $300 worth of exercises, worksheets, and other supplies...

Buy-Buy Guantanamo!

20 years ago by Elise Ackerman
Fire sales are generally reliable indicators that a business is in financial trouble, whether the firm in question is a mom-and-pop hardware store or the Pentagon. In fact, weeks before the federal government shut down this past Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Defense sent out flyers to international purchasers of...

Flying High

17 years ago by Jim DeFede
It was considered the deal of the year. In order to finance the ongoing expansion of Miami International Airport, county commissioners needed to issue $200 million in bonds and were looking for an underwriting firm to oversee the transaction. The lucky winner could expect to earn hundreds of thousands of...

Flying Blind

19 years ago by Jim DeFede
At four o'clock in the morning, County Commissioner Bruce Kaplan looked beat. He got up to stretch his legs and walked along the makeshift dais set up in the gymnasium at Southridge High School in Cutler Ridge. As he passed his commission colleagues, he tapped several of them on the...
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