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Best One-Stop Beauty Shop


It's Friday after work and you've been so busy you failed to shop for "that dress" for "that special occasion." You have also failed to retouch your highlights, wax your eyebrows, and get your nails done. These epic failures have you scrambling last minute and so stressed out your nerves...

Beautiful Schemers

15 years ago by Tristram Korten
It's late afternoon and Jerry Babij is sitting in the lounge of Image Model and Talent Agency on Lincoln Road discussing the past year's success. Babij (pronounced bah-bee) is a trim man who wears his brown hair brushed straight back from his wide, round face. Both his ears are pierced,...

2010 Latin Grammy Awards: Crossfade Cashes in Its Chips on Winning Picks

4 years ago by Paul Torres
The awards are over. My hotel room is trashed. There's debris everywhere -- cigarette butts and cigar nubsand shards of glass from countless broken bottles. There's a strange mustard mural painted -- now dried -- on the mirror, and I'm wearing a dinosaur tail with suspenders. And there's something in the ashtray...

Best and worst theater of 2010

4 years ago by Brandon K. Thorp
I am moving to New York City this week and I'm sad to go. From seats in the gloom of South Florida theaters, I've seen and heard extraordinary things. I'm forever grateful to those who enabled my constant attendance over the last four years — the directors, actors, set designers,...

Best of Miami Spice 2010

5 years ago by Lee Klein
Best of Miami Spice 2010
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