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Best Hurricanes Football Player Miami 2010 - Darryl Sharpton

There were plenty of talented young players on last year's Miami Hurricanes squad, but they still have a few years to prove they're worthy of such a prestigious award. In fact, we hope they win something that makes even a "Best Of" mention seem small. One of the most surprising players of last season, though, was senior linebacker Darryl Sharpton. Remember his interception and 76-yard touchdown against Duke? That was perhaps the biggest highlight of a fine season. He led the team in total tackles with 106, put in a career high of 15 in the Champs Sports Bowl while the rest of the team slogged, became the first Cane to break 100 tackles in a season since Tavares Gooden in 2007, and took home the final two ACC awards for Defensive Lineman of the Week. Like a fine wine, his career with the Canes got only better with age. And, oh yeah, he just happens to be the nephew of Rev. Al Sharpton.
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I guess you guys don't watch games. Did you pick the name out of a hat? Early in the season it was Jacory Harris, later on it was Damien Berry. Overall our best player was Leonard Hankerson. Kid is a top 3 receiver in the nation and a future 1st round pick.

Alexia Wheaton
Alexia Wheaton

Nothing against Darryl Sharpton, he was a good player. But I refuse to believe he was better than Jimmy Graham, who played only one year of college football and was still drafted higher than any other hurricane player.