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Best Hot Dog Miami 2010 - Nassie's Famous Franks

According to owner and operator Notorious Nastie (AKA Nassie Shahoulian), Nassie's Famous Franks were conceived to "end world hunger by putting delish dogs inside the mouths of hungry, hungry hipsters." Translation: These wieners are drunk food for cool kids. They include footlong, kosher, all-beef, and veggie varieties. And even though you're free to top your dog with pretty much whatever the hell you want, Nastie suggests you try one of his $6 custom creations. There's the Maui Wowi, a whacked-out snack swamped in pineapple, cheese, and relish. Then you've got the Havanarama, a quintessentially Cuban perro covered in potato sticks, chipotle mayo, and cheese. Or, finally, if you're an anti-meat freak, there's the San Frantastic, a hippie-dippie orgy of tofu, spicy mayo, cheese, and cucumber tomato salsa. For the past year, the best place to get your fill of Nassie's Famous Franks is any number of too-cool-for-school club nights such as Poplife at Grand Central. But soon Nassie's Famous Franks will get their very own storefront. "Yeah, I'm gonna open a spot," Nastie croaks. "This is just work experience like they used to have in junior high. Hot dog work experience."
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Robert Worthington
Robert Worthington

I'm taking my wife for our one year anniversary (because she is craving to Nassie's Famous Franks.

Laura Drosdowech
Laura Drosdowech

We are dying for good hot dogs up in Canada. Will you be selling franchises anytime soon? Congratulations on your success and I hope to try one of your dogs very soon! Laura