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Best Gym Miami 2010 - David Barton Gym

David Barton Gym

David Barton Gym

2323 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Readers' Choice: CrossFit
There's no denying looks matter in South Beach. But we think that applies more to the interior design of establishments than people. For instance, a restaurant could serve the most brilliant cuisine on the Beach, but if it's done in a white-walled room with folding chairs, that restaurant won't succeed. A hotel might be known for hideous service, but if it boasts a breathtaking lobby and well-designed rooms, it'll still be booked solid. Of course, your looks — and health — matter too, and if you're going to get in shape, why not do it in one of America's most beautiful gyms? David Barton Gym at the Gansevoort, designed by William Sofield, infuses a mix a Moroccan and Asian flair. The stunning metal roof above the reception and weight machine areas lets in beams of natural light, while the rest of the gym could double as a nightclub. Plus the equipment is top-of-the-line, and the staff couldn't be more pleasant. It might run you a bit more for a membership here than at some strip-mall gym, but if you want to build a body even half as aesthetically pleasing as this place, it's worth it. Besides, with this kind of grandeur, you'll actually look for excuses to work out.
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Gym enthusiast
Gym enthusiast

As a woman who likes to work out and takes stuff like lifting weights seriously...this Best Of sucks. Seriously, you just picked one of the fanciest mainstream gyms in Miami because it's hoity toity and costs a lot. That does not make a gym good. How about the number of squat racks and benches vs. machines? Here's a tip for next year: I'd be seriously impressed if anyone actually found a gym in Miami that has a glut-ham raise machine. I realize that during Best Of the writers are just scrambling to make their deadlines, and therefore a lot of the places that get picked are not actually the BEST Of Miami. I know Chuckles the editor puts you guys through the ringer. But I'm sorry, I just had to call this crap Best Of out.