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Best Greek Restaurant Miami 2010 - Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

4312 NE 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137


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Match the letter with its proper corresponding number and win a better grasp of the great Greek bistro that opened in Miami's Buena Vista neighborhood this past year:A. What diners are brought before dinner.B. Steamed mussels, fried calamari, flamed cheese saganaki, kefte meatballs, tzatziki, tarama.C. A difference between Mandolin and other Greek joints.D. The dining room.E. Key West Sunset Ale.F. Hand-cut French fries, grilled octopus, classic Greek salad.G. Forty seats, lanterns dangling from leafy trees, the tweets of little birds filling the balmy night air.H. Thinly shredded romaine leaves, feta crumbs, scallions, and fresh dill tossed in light vinaigrette.I. $15 to $19.1. Two of the owners are from Turkey (the other is Greek), so the menu includes Turkish delights such as fava bean purée, tomato-walnut dip, and sucuk (known as Turkish chorizo).2. About 17 seats snuggled together in what might have been used as a walk-in closet in the original 1940s house.3. Maroulosalata.4. One of the beers offered along with well-priced wine.5. Cost of entrées, including a pristinely grilled whole yellowtail with lemon and olive oil.6. Warm, sesame-dotted loaves of pide bread in a paper bag.7. Some of the dozen-plus mezes ($7 to $12).8. Mandolin's outdoor patio, open for lunch and dinner every day.9. Three of our favorites.
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I do not know why every place needs to be called Greek Restaurant if it serves Aegean/Meditarrean food. The owners are Turkish and Greek but the food they serve is not all Greek. It is a mix, mostly Turkish. I am sure the Turkish owners do not care since if it is known as Greek, they have more business but Miami New Times needs to review the restaurant as Turkish/Greek AT LEAST! I should not blame them too much either though. More Greek came to US before Turkish people, so they promoted most Turkish food as Greek.

Yogurt is Turkish. Yogurt was produced by Turks 4500 years ago!Gyro is Turkish.Geez, they even say Baklava is Greek! There are some many other Turkish dishes that are called Greek.


I love everything about this place. I feel being back home in Europe. Friendly staff, great food, excellent ambience and no rushing you to pay while still having food on your plate. Simply charming.