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Best Gourmet Market Miami 2010 - Gardner's Market

Gardner\'s Market

Gardner's Market

8287 SW 124th St.

Pinecrest, FL 33156


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Gourmet grocery stores are not just for food snobs. In fact, they cater more to the food lazy. We spent years in the kitchen, trying to prove our basting and chopping skills. Now we just want to eat well. So thank God for fine foods purveyor like Gardner's Market, where we can score delicious, already-prepared food. One of Miami's oldest grocers, the place has all the traditional fare: well-stocked salumi and cheese kiosks, glistening baked goods, and bright red cuts of meat. But the true treasures of Gardner's exist in the aisles. There you'll find rows of every kind of olive oil and vinegar imaginable. Spend a smidge more for one of their specialty items, and you can upgrade an entire meal. Take home some sangria jelly ($2.99) and throw it on some white bread toast and — Bam! — instant gourmet breakfast. The cranberry port sauce ($9.99) can elevate the cheapest cut of pork. Serve the chocolate tortilla chips and French lemonade at your next cookout, and take the culinary experience from back yard to bougie. There's no need to clock in hours in the kitchen. With Gardner's fancy fare, you can impress friends with your savvy shopping skills.
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Gardner's was sold to Farm Stores several years ago and has declined steadily ever since...from food quality to especially customer service. Once a place where employees knew customers by first name it is now like a ghost town every time I stop by. They are in litigation with several vendors who no longer do business with them...why bother doing business with a company like that when there is Whole foods right up the street.I don't even go to Farm Stores anymore....


Gardner's truly is the best. The sandwiches are huge and always fresh and delicious, the salad bar is outstanding and the take home is the best I have ever had. I work near Gardner's but I actually drive from Hialeah-Miami Lakes on weekends for sandwishes and appetizers for family get togethers. If you haven't tried Gardner's you are missing out.