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Best Falafel Miami 2010 - Sultan Mediterranean Cuisine

Sultan Mediterranean Cuisine

Sultan Mediterranean Cuisine

1903 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Before you even smell the chicken roasting or the souvlaki on the rotisserie, you'll see Tara Reid's face. There she is, mugging it up in a red velour tracksuit. And there she is again, next to Mickey Rourke. They're just two of the celebrities gracing Sultan's picture wall. This does not bode well — just another couple of emaciated stars' favorite hangout. But then you taste Sultan's falafel wrap ($7.75). The reaction can best be summed up in a series of slow-motion shots: Customer grabs fat spliff of a pita, bites crisp falafel inside, slathers tzatziki sauce all over face, head explodes. Cut to customer saying, "Tara Reid was right." Years of midnight falafel runs in college probably warped a lot of people's idea of what a good falafel is. That was dry, chewy, sustenance food. But blazed late at night (this place is open till 5 a.m.) or sober during the day, you will still get a head trip from Sultan's falafel. Tear into it with gusto. It's worth the mess.
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yoooooo seriously ^ i though i was the only one who felt this way... this is the most bogus falafel every and this was my first time every eating one LOL. i looked up best falafel and ended up here. which was THEE biggest disappointment ever. Anyways mine came out to something like 9 and change (10$).. soo to sum up what was suppose to be the most euphorically experience of my life ended up being a huge rip off and even bigger FAIL. and last but not least the girls that work there are banging but when i didn't give em a tip after paying 10 DOLLARS for a take-out wrap they looked at me like i was crazy. they are supper snotty, i guess from working next to mint they get rich guys that make it rain or w.e but yea.. on this falafel note can someone now really tell me were the falafels are?


BY FAR the WORST falafel of my life. SO disappointing that I am questioning this year entire list. Come on guys, did you really eat one? Not fresh, no flavor, taziki instead of tahini, JUST GROSS. NOT even close to the best falafel in Miami. Save yourself the trip.