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Best Dog Grooming Miami 2010 - 4 Paws Only

4 Paws Only

1071 NE 79th St.

Miami, FL 33138


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Your dog needs a bath. No, we're not speaking generally to our entire readership; we're talking to you. Your dog smells like a rotting horse carcass. Your dog smells like the entire homeless population of Overtown emptied its bellybutton lint into a jar and allowed it to ferment. Simply put, your dog smells like the Metromover. But all hope is not lost. Take that Fidel's-beard-scented mutt to this tiny shop and you can be confident its stink will be extracted in the manner that a morbidly obese person is removed from a walk-up apartment by paramedics: expertly and with tender care. The price of grooming ranges from $35 to $60 based on size, and first-timers get $5 off. They even do all the nasty dredge-work involving anal glands and ear canals. Plus the dogs get to hang out until you arrive to pick up yours — gleaming and wearing a complimentary bandana. And then when you walk down the street with Poochie, you won't send every passing pedestrian into a puking fit.
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heartgard plus dogs
heartgard plus dogs

Grooming your dog yourself is a connection encounter and is excellent for your pet, but it can be difficult at periods. Looking after at house creates believe in between you and your pet. Using an established dog pet groomer is excellent choice because expert grooming your dog organizations are acquainted with the appropriate way to bridegroom pets and they know what is best for your particular type.


i love chubby people


i love puppies

ernesto calzado
ernesto calzado

NOT ANYWHERE NEAR, BEST OF MIAMI! I will never take my dog there again. The groomer does not know too much about dog breeds and must have thought my Mini-Schnauzer was a Chinese Crested Dog or maybe a hairless cat breed or some type of large rodent. He proceeded to butcher her hair. The result: she lost her beautiful 5 inch beard & cute moustache (it will take many many months to grow back), has one eyelash gone (trimmed down to nil), uneven trim around her torso and yes, lots of hair left around her private parts (both!)- very EURO style. All in all, a royal mess of a place. And, the owner's consolation gesture was 1/2 price on her 'bath' next time. A real #@^*&$! joke. NEVER AGAIN - NOT RECOMMENDED!

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