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Best DJ Miami 2010 - Tamara Sky

Readers' Choice: Juan BassHead
Dear Tamara,Ever since the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew one day the celestial gods would bring us together. Every time you twist a knob or scratch a record, it's as if you are gently caressing my body with your skill and knowledge. We become one on the dance floor; I hope someday we can consummate our love to the bass-heavy track of your choice. I have the Overthrow — the nightlife collective founded by Alexis Mincolla and Samuel Baum — to thank for finally persuading you to play more local gigs on the regular. Now your hometown has discovered what people in far-flung areas such as Turkey and Mexico already know: You are beyond awesome behind the decks.Love,Your #1 Fan
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Covering up the dissent over a controversial pick is just more proof that the New Times, and this decision, is motivated by party-politics. Everyone knows she didn't deserve to win, and the New Times has now gone one step further and erased the 100+ comments which debated/mocked the validity of this biased-choice. Rather than allowing the readers of the New Times to actually use this site by posting their opinions, Mr./Mrs. "Your #1 Fan" has opted to whitewash this debacle of credibility.

Why even allow comments?